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my one minute mind

I recently discovered, I am one of those women.

One of those women who tend to put everyone’s needs, desires, and wants at the front of the train. Meanwhile, those same women straggle along at the end of the train running and running so they can get on-board, often leading to feelings of being overwhelmed, alone, and forever behind.

Here is a question that was asked of me in a recent conversation:

“Why are you worth it?”

I blinked, shook my head as if removing years of cobwebs and took a step back.

“Why am I worth what?”

“Taking the time to take care of yourself, and perhaps sometimes even before you take care of others. Why are you worth it?”

A most difficult question for me I assure you.

I have been programmed that women are the nurturers, and yet, no one ever informed me nurturing  included me!

You see, I’m discovering that if I always put myself last on the nurturing train, I’m exhausted from trying to keep up with the train,


if every once in awhile I take some time to nurture me that train suddenly slows down enough that I can not only get on the train, I can make my way through the train in order to take care of those around me.

Sort of a funny way to look at it I know, but listen it’s important that we women take some time to take care of ourselves.

After all, You’re Worth It!



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