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Why You Need the One Word Life Challenge

Your life is running away from you. You’re overwhelmed, over-worked, and stress is beginning to takes it toll. There’s something you can do! Try the ONE WORD CHALLENGE and see if it doesn’t make a difference just when and where you need it

2016 · December · Life Copes

5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Cray-Cray

The Holiday Cray-Cray and How to Beat It Originally Posted on 12/10/2014     Sometimes, there’s nothing better than revisiting an old post! It’s kind of like sitting down with an old friend and catching up.  This little gem is full of ideas to stay sane in what can sometimes feel like a crazy time! Prayers…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Cray-Cray

2016 · November

From Lucky to Thankful: Revisiting an Old Friend

From Lucky to Thankful Originally posted 11/5/2014 at essenceofafamily.weebly.com Hello. I’m so glad you decided to drop in. Friends never need an invitation to stop by, do they? Isn’t it wonderful? To know that you are always welcome somewhere To know you don’t have to DO anything. AND… On the other side of that, To know…… Continue reading From Lucky to Thankful: Revisiting an Old Friend


Hello November

Hello, November Have you really been here two days already? My, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was greeting October and all of it’s fun, and now, here you are! I can’t say I’m disappointed that you’re here. You are the promise of good things. Not only do you continue to usher…… Continue reading Hello November

2016 · October

Hello October

Hello October, I’m so glad to see you. You always hold so much promise in your own colorful speckled way. Your promises of crisp cool days, crunching leaves, and warm toasty fires brings me such contentment. I always look forward to your return as you bring so many special things when you come. I lavish…… Continue reading Hello October

2016 · September

30 Day Gratitude Challenge: I Left You Hanging! Here’s the Final 4 Days of the Challenge

Have you ever had one of those months where it seemed no matter what you did nothing fell into place? Yes? Whew! Good! September was just that kind of month for me. It seemed like everything I needed to get done got pushed to the back burner as I dealt with putting our fire after…… Continue reading 30 Day Gratitude Challenge: I Left You Hanging! Here’s the Final 4 Days of the Challenge


☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 17

We’ve been moving full steam ahead for quite some time now. Having a blast doing every single activity and making memories galore. Today’s activity is a very important one. It teaches one of the most important lessons I believe my kids, my Mr. Right, I, and a majority of people need to learn. Activity No. 17…… Continue reading ☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 17