2018 · June · Life · Summer · Summer of Fun

Summer of Fun – Day 3 – FREE

Here we are on Day 3 of Summer of Fun. Today has been quite a day. Of course, we rolled our die last night and were all set for what was to take place today, but as often happens, things happened. Know what I mean? After a few detours, we finally made it to our free day. What does a ‘free’ day look like? Well, mostly its everyone choosing what they want to do. Come on in and find out what we did!

2018 · June · Life · Summer of Fun

Summer of Fun – Day 2 – Building Bridges

Today for Summer of Fun, we’re going to be exploring another building project – building bridges. There are so many different types of bridges: arch, truss, beam, cantilever, suspension, and beyond. Each bridge has its own design and purpose, but what they all have in common is they must hold a certain amount of weight in order to be structurally sound and that’s where we’ve decided to place our focus

2018 · June · Life · Summer · Summer of Fun

Summer of Fun 2018 – Day 1 – Wind Racers

Welcome to day one of Summer of Fun 2018! Wanting to spend quality time is where it all started and for lack of a better name, I simply called it Summer of Fun. It started out as something I wanted to try but quickly turned into a must for all of us. Sometime around April, everyone starts asking when we’re going to create the list and so it begins.


Teachers Change Us, Even If They Don’t Know It

I was in fourth grade. It was only my first full year in my new school and I was nervous. Would I make friends? What would my teacher be like? Would she like me? What if she didn’t? It was a very nerve-racking time for me, but that year something wonderful happened. I met the…… Continue reading Teachers Change Us, Even If They Don’t Know It

September · Wifey Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday – Stay in the Present

Welcome back to Wifey Wednesday! I’m so glad you came. Better pull up your favorite chair, kick your feet up and grab your favorite beverage, cause today’s Wifey Wednesday topic is a biggie! Today, I’m still exploring Kaylene Yoder’s thoughts on becoming an Enjoyable Wife from my Relationship board on Pinterest Oh BOY! *heavy sigh*…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday – Stay in the Present


Wifey Wednesdays – A Brand New Adventure

Welcome to the first ever, well at least for Just Bits and Pieces, Wifey Wednesday! What in the world is Wifey Wednesdays? I’m gonna have to tell you this story before I can explain that story. Pinterest! I love Pinterest. As a matter of fact, I have 55 boards and am working on more. I…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesdays – A Brand New Adventure