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My One Minute Mind

Does part-time parenting bring out the selfishness in us? Our family unit has become a bit isolated. We do many things together and rarely do things with others. There are many facets to our family which can inhibit us from having friend time, social time, card nights, bowling nights, or whatever it is we are…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind

Life Copes

Lurking in the Shadows of Part-Time Parenting

Lurking in the shadows of part-time parenting are many emotions. Doubt, fear, uncertainty, anger, bitterness, but one of the worst for me is LOSS LOSS, every time they go back to their dad’s. I grieve every time. It doesn’t matter if they were with me for one day or 14 days, I grieve. It doesn’t…… Continue reading Lurking in the Shadows of Part-Time Parenting