2018 · August · Life Laughs

Laughter is Happiness: 16 Snippets of Laughter (The best of Seen and Overheard)

There are times when you just need a good laugh. There is nothing better than a good belly laugh to make life seem less icky and less stressful.

Many things make me laugh: My children’s laughter, a good joke, things I read, things I see and hear and a good many other things. One of my favorite things is sharing laughter and so I started seen and overheard on my social media. This is a snippet f some of those laughable moments

2016 · Life · March · One Minute Mind

My One Minute Mind – I Inhaled a Booger

I just inhaled a booger!! I’m sorry, what did you just say? I said I just inhaled a booger! It was stuck in my nose and then I sort of coughed, inhaled a little and then, POW, I inhaled that booger!! It was gross!!! True story. The guys and I were sitting around playing UNO…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind – I Inhaled a Booger