Blogging · November

The Blogger and the Gem

I don’t normally do this, but today, it just made sense. I want to tell you a little story (yes, I promise it is little) Once upon a time… (all great stories start that way 🙂 ) there was a girl, well a woman really, and she had a dream. A dream to write. She…… Continue reading The Blogger and the Gem


☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 25

Doesn’t seem possible, but I guess title’s don’t lie. So, activity 25 was full of stuff, fun stuff, learning stuff, and well just stuff. It’s sort of a nonsense sort of activity but wow, does it produce the laughter (I really seem to be on this whole laughter kick as of late. What’s that about?)…… Continue reading ☼Summer of Fun☼ Activity 25