Getting 2 Know U · November

Getting to Know Nicole

Hi Ya! Things are rolling right along as we get to know others a bit better through the power of sharing. I’m so thankful you’ve joined us on this journey of discovery. Aren’t friendships such a blessing? This week we’re getting to know Nicole from (just like the pomegranate, it isn’t always about what’s on…… Continue reading Getting to Know Nicole

Blogging · November

The Blogger and the Gem

I don’t normally do this, but today, it just made sense. I want to tell you a little story (yes, I promise it is little) Once upon a time… (all great stories start that way 🙂 ) there was a girl, well a woman really, and she had a dream. A dream to write. She…… Continue reading The Blogger and the Gem

Getting 2 Know U · November

Getting to Know Verushka

This weeks Getting to Know You spotlight belongs to Verushka from Spice Goddess (don’t you just love that name?). When I first started visiting her blog (what?! she’s a blogger?! I know I couldn’t believe it either! 😉 ) her about page snagged me right from the start when she referred to herself as a mistress of words…… Continue reading Getting to Know Verushka

October · One Minute Mind

My One Minute Mind

Do you ever reach a point where you think, I’m going to give just what I get? I can take on this train of thought all too quickly. When someone treats me poorly, it’s not unusual for me to begin giving back to them just what I am getting Why do I not treat people…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind

October · Wifey Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday – Being a Grown-Up is Overrated, Go Play

Welcome back to another Wifey Wednesday! I’m so glad you stopped in today because there’s some great stuff coming your way! As I looked through my Relationship board over at Pinterest, I discovered something amazing! I’m hooked on pins that give me great ideas  for having a great time with my Mr. Right. This started my…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday – Being a Grown-Up is Overrated, Go Play

Getting 2 Know U · October

Getting 2 Know U – A New “Feature” at Just Bits and Pieces

Howdy! Today is going to be a fun day here at Just Bits and Pieces as I share some reeaaallly good stuff with you! Think back to this past week; on Thursday the 15th, I shared a post with you about National Get To Know Your Customers Day ( I know I can’t remember what…… Continue reading Getting 2 Know U – A New “Feature” at Just Bits and Pieces

Blogging · October

Getting to Know You

HAPPY GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS, er READERS DAY!! OK I totally made the ‘Readers’ part up, it truly is get to know your customers day; my readers are my customers, right? I mean I don’t really sell anything (yet) but just like customers, without you, my blog would just be a personal journal floating…… Continue reading Getting to Know You