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4 Shocking Facts About Christopher Columbus

I love writing about weird holidays that are celebrated both nationally and internationally. I’ve talked about celebrations like Taco Day, Curmudgeon Day, Mad Hatter Day and much more. There’s one holiday, though, that has always befuddled me. Just like many other’s, I am off work today in honor of Columbus Day. Banks are closed, schools kids…… Continue reading 4 Shocking Facts About Christopher Columbus

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30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 8 – Here’s A Book You Can Read Over and Over and Never Grow Tired of It

As difficult as yesterday’s challenge was to pick one memory, today’s challenge is the exact opposite, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. There is one book I am probably more grateful for than any other. One book that never gets old. One I can read over and over and always find something new, always learn something new.…… Continue reading 30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 8 – Here’s A Book You Can Read Over and Over and Never Grow Tired of It


It’s All In The Marks .?!,”:;

As a writer, I work really hard to make my posts as interesting and informative as I can. I also enjoy having a bit of fun when I write so I’m not always serious in my writing. I thought for today I could pass on a little bit of interesting AND fun information. I love…… Continue reading It’s All In The Marks .?!,”:;

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The Dot – A start to leaving your mark

It all started with a DOT. Yep, a simple little dot. Not very inspiring, a dot. Not anything big, a dot. Only a dot. That little dot inspired so much. Created something we all need to find. Our inner creativity; the courage from inside; a confidence we may not have recognized within ourselves. That dot…… Continue reading The Dot – A start to leaving your mark

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I Remember and Will Never Forget

This country has seen hardship and tragedy, gone through war and peace, flood and drought but 14 years ago, we went through something else. Something we couldn’t define as it was happening. Something that made no sense. Something we couldn’t wrap our minds around. Something that brought more questions than answers. We experienced something that…… Continue reading I Remember and Will Never Forget


International Literacy Day

  Today’s a day near and dear to my heart. As you’ve probably noticed through several of my posts, such as Learning Comes Unexpectedly or Summer of Activity No. 6 – Reading together, we are serious readers here our household. In honor of this day, International Literacy Day, I thought I would give you our…… Continue reading International Literacy Day

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Learning Comes Unexpectedly

I’m always amazed when I learn something unexpectedly and from someplace I never imagined. This happened while we were reading yet another picture book from our 100 Most Inspirational Children’s Books In fact, what I’m about to share with you touched me so deeply I wrote the lessons on my Family Center wall. (Family Center…… Continue reading Learning Comes Unexpectedly


☼ Summer of Fun ☼ Activity 29

We live in a fairly large suburb of a somewhat large city. It is not conducive to walk to many places. For instance, we cannot walk to a local grocery, shop, or library. Hence, we drive EVERYWHERE! When we do want to walk, typically, we drive to a local park or a neighborhood other than…… Continue reading ☼ Summer of Fun ☼ Activity 29


☼Summer of Fun☼ Rain, Rain Go Away

We have the summer of fun list; have chosen the activity for the day; collected whatever supplies we may need and… it rains… again. What do we do when the activity we’ve chosen for a day is an outdoor activity and mother nature decides to take her shower? What any other respectable family does; we…… Continue reading ☼Summer of Fun☼ Rain, Rain Go Away