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Getting To Know – Michael

I’m honored to introduce you to yet another fellow blogger. Today’s feature is a poet (he’s really good) I ‘met’ Michael when he stopped in to drop me a line (so glad he did) His poetry touches me and makes me smile. Be sure to stop in and show him some love over at MykeTodd…… Continue reading Getting To Know – Michael

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The Blogger Daily: Missing Link Discovered Hidden Among Comments

Blogging is a networking, socializing, find a community, get yourself out there sort of profession. Without the networking and socializing we would simply be keeping cyberspace journals that may or may not be seen. Are we missing something in all of our networking, socializing, community building, and getting ourselves out there blogging? I think we…… Continue reading The Blogger Daily: Missing Link Discovered Hidden Among Comments

Getting 2 Know U · November

Getting to Know Nicole

Hi Ya! Things are rolling right along as we get to know others a bit better through the power of sharing. I’m so thankful you’ve joined us on this journey of discovery. Aren’t friendships such a blessing? This week we’re getting to know Nicole from (just like the pomegranate, it isn’t always about what’s on…… Continue reading Getting to Know Nicole

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The Blogger and the Gem

I don’t normally do this, but today, it just made sense. I want to tell you a little story (yes, I promise it is little) Once upon a time… (all great stories start that way 🙂 ) there was a girl, well a woman really, and she had a dream. A dream to write. She…… Continue reading The Blogger and the Gem

Getting 2 Know U · November

Getting to Know Verushka

This weeks Getting to Know You spotlight belongs to Verushka from Spice Goddess (don’t you just love that name?). When I first started visiting her blog (what?! she’s a blogger?! I know I couldn’t believe it either! 😉 ) her about page snagged me right from the start when she referred to herself as a mistress of words…… Continue reading Getting to Know Verushka

Life · October

The Internet… Oh No She Didn’t

Ever started writing a post and then think to yourself…. NO! I just can’t do it! That’s right! There was supposed to be a post here. One that informed you, grabbed your emotions, taught you something, gave you a take-away, drew the first 3 search engine spots, heck the first entire page of a search,…… Continue reading The Internet… Oh No She Didn’t

Getting 2 Know U · October

Getting To Know Joan

This week, we’re going to get to know Joan from Pages from Joan I’m getting to know Joan through a blogging Facebook group we mutually belong to. As she visits and comments on my posts, I’m learning she is a kindred spirit. Her comments are always positive, encouraging, and often thought provoking. I always look forward…… Continue reading Getting To Know Joan

Getting 2 Know U · October

Getting 2 Know U – A New “Feature” at Just Bits and Pieces

Howdy! Today is going to be a fun day here at Just Bits and Pieces as I share some reeaaallly good stuff with you! Think back to this past week; on Thursday the 15th, I shared a post with you about National Get To Know Your Customers Day ( I know I can’t remember what…… Continue reading Getting 2 Know U – A New “Feature” at Just Bits and Pieces

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Getting to Know You

HAPPY GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS, er READERS DAY!! OK I totally made the ‘Readers’ part up, it truly is get to know your customers day; my readers are my customers, right? I mean I don’t really sell anything (yet) but just like customers, without you, my blog would just be a personal journal floating…… Continue reading Getting to Know You

Blogging · October

Celebrating Post 100 and Facing Fears

Today I celebrate my 100th post!! 100!! That seems surreal to me. Looking back I remember being so intimidated, unsure, and quite honestly afraid when I first decided I wanted to start a blog. Many things ran through my mind. Many self-defeating thoughts controlled my mind BUT I took a nice deep breath, stepped out…… Continue reading Celebrating Post 100 and Facing Fears