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13 Simple September Moments to Share with Your Family

Some think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. As an autumn baby (although not a September baby), my favorite season has always been fall and September begins the journey. September isn’t as spectacular as October and doesn’t hold the thankfulness of November, but in it’s own right, September has a special place. Some month had to go first in fall and September got the spot.

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My One Minute Mind

Kids and jobs Do they go together? Do they benefit anyone? These are the questions plaguing my mind today. I have a son who is a senior in high school. His dad wants him to get a job, in fact is pushing him to fill out applications; he has to get a job. My son…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind


We the People…

Happy Constitution Day! I find I like history more as I get older (never thought I’d be saying that) Learning is a life long passion for me. I try to learn something new every day and find it exhilarating to do so! In honor of today, I thought maybe we could learn a little something…… Continue reading We the People…

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I Remember and Will Never Forget

This country has seen hardship and tragedy, gone through war and peace, flood and drought but 14 years ago, we went through something else. Something we couldn’t define as it was happening. Something that made no sense. Something we couldn’t wrap our minds around. Something that brought more questions than answers. We experienced something that…… Continue reading I Remember and Will Never Forget