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Summer of Fun 2018 – Day 1 – Wind Racers

Welcome to day one of Summer of Fun 2018! Wanting to spend quality time is where it all started and for lack of a better name, I simply called it Summer of Fun. It started out as something I wanted to try but quickly turned into a must for all of us. Sometime around April, everyone starts asking when we’re going to create the list and so it begins.

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7 Ways to Make This Year Your Happy Year

Here we are, right around the corner from a new year! Times seems to go by faster and faster with every turn of the calendar page. How are you feeling about the upcoming new year? Excited? Expectant? Ho-hum? No matter what you’re feeling, odds are you, like millions of others, have heaped a butt ton…… Continue reading 7 Ways to Make This Year Your Happy Year

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My One Minute Mind – Not So Lucky

Hello. I’m so glad you decided to drop in. Friends never need an invitation to stop by, do they? Isn’t it wonderful to know that you are always welcome somewhere? To know you don’t have to do anything or be anything, to know you’re  accepted just the way you are. If your friend stops by and you’re still in your jammies,…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind – Not So Lucky