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Can You Hear Me?

*Enters slowly carrying a box* Oh Lord, is that a soapbox? *Steps up to the mic, taps it* “Is this thing on? Can you hear me?” Today, I’m going to talk to you about a rather touchy subject. A subject that encompasses nearly every human on the planet, there are exceptions I’m sure, but I’m…… Continue reading Can You Hear Me?

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The Teapot Tale: A Giver’s Heart

Photo by Wallace Chuck from Pexels Hello. Glad you stopped by. Are things going well? No? Well if you don’t mind my saying so, you do look a wee bit weary. Ah, yes. So you’ve run yourself a bit thin have ya? That does happen, doesn’t it? So you ARE a giver. I kind of…… Continue reading The Teapot Tale: A Giver’s Heart

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Courage is…

Courage is… Walking around in this life not knowing what’s just around the corner but taking a step anyway. Courage is… Being afraid but doing it anyway. Courage is… Feeling every emotion, especially the ones you’d rather stuff way down inside and avoid. Courage is… Continuing to love in-spite of being hurt. Courage is… Facing…… Continue reading Courage is…

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Reminiscing My Top 4 Most Popular Posts of January

I find it particularly important to reflect on where we’ve been so we can be more clear about where we want to go. Yes? Yes!

January 2017, YOU ROCKED!!

Here’s to an even more prolific February!!

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Why You Need the One Word Life Challenge

Your life is running away from you. You’re overwhelmed, over-worked, and stress is beginning to takes it toll. There’s something you can do! Try the ONE WORD CHALLENGE and see if it doesn’t make a difference just when and where you need it

2017 · January

Every Resolution You Made Comes Back to One Thing; You Truly Want To Be Happy

So, you’ve made it!! It is day 4 of the new year! Awesome! How’s that feel? Right, exactly the same as you felt four days ago, except now you, like millions of others, have heaped a butt ton of new expectations on yourself. You’re going to eat healthier; be more present; enjoy life more; lose weight,…… Continue reading Every Resolution You Made Comes Back to One Thing; You Truly Want To Be Happy