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A Mother’s Open Letter to Her 16 Year Old Son on His Birthday

Today marks the 16th year I’ve been blessed to be your mom.

2018 · August · Life · Life Copes

20 Ways to Fill a Free Evening

I thought maybe I’d throw a list of ideas together that I could use to fill those evenings and decided maybe they would give you some ideas too (if you have a free evening that is)

Here we go:

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Changing Your Prayer Life: There’s an App for that!

Today, I’d like to talk with you about your prayer life. I know, prayer is a very personal thing and most of the time it isn’t something you share with others. Rest at ease. I’m not going to ask you to share personal prayers, although I’m always interested in prayer requests you may have. I would LOVE to pray for you.

In a few minutes, I’m going to share a wonderful resource with you that can enhance your prayer life and help keep you focused during prayer time. 

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3 Simple Criteria for Connecting with Your Teen or Young Adult

Teens and young adults can be tricky when it comes to getting them to do things with you. Through our Summer of Fun I’ve accidentally discovered, they do want to spend time with me, but the rules of engagement have changed and I’m the one who needs to change how I think and how I act in order to get them involved.

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Summer of Fun – Day 7 – The Double-Header

Did you enjoy walking through the park yesterday? Wasn’t it sooo relaxing? It was for us too! I’m glad you stopped in today. Do I have a story to tell you!

This is a double-header in that we did one activity during the day and one in the evening. 

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7 Ways to Make This Year Your Happy Year

Here we are, right around the corner from a new year! Times seems to go by faster and faster with every turn of the calendar page. How are you feeling about the upcoming new year? Excited? Expectant? Ho-hum? No matter what you’re feeling, odds are you, like millions of others, have heaped a butt ton…… Continue reading 7 Ways to Make This Year Your Happy Year