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Summer of Fun – Day 7 – The Double-Header

Did you enjoy walking through the park yesterday? Wasn’t it sooo relaxing? It was for us too! I’m glad you stopped in today. Do I have a story to tell you!

This is a double-header in that we did one activity during the day and one in the evening. 

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7 Ways to Make This Year Your Happy Year

Here we are, right around the corner from a new year! Times seems to go by faster and faster with every turn of the calendar page. How are you feeling about the upcoming new year? Excited? Expectant? Ho-hum? No matter what you’re feeling, odds are you, like millions of others, have heaped a butt ton…… Continue reading 7 Ways to Make This Year Your Happy Year

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Why You Need the One Word Life Challenge

Your life is running away from you. You’re overwhelmed, over-worked, and stress is beginning to takes it toll. There’s something you can do! Try the ONE WORD CHALLENGE and see if it doesn’t make a difference just when and where you need it

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5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Cray-Cray

The Holiday Cray-Cray and How to Beat It Originally Posted on 12/10/2014     Sometimes, there’s nothing better than revisiting an old post! It’s kind of like sitting down with an old friend and catching up.  This little gem is full of ideas to stay sane in what can sometimes feel like a crazy time! Prayers…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Cray-Cray