February · Life · Wifey Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday – Finally I’m Normal

I cannot believe we are already in the second week of February. Where in the world did January go? WOW! Life is moving at a pace I’m not sure I even fathom. We’re marching on today with yet another Wifey Wednesday post which I think most of us are going to gain some valuable insight from.…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday – Finally I’m Normal

Blogging · February · Getting 2 Know U

Getting to Know- Carol

Hello! Welcome to yet another Getting to Know You post. I can’t even begin to tell you how much these posts fill my heart. I’ve always been a proponent of finding things that fill us because we can get so caught up in giving that we forget we need filled up as well. That’s what…… Continue reading Getting to Know- Carol

February · One Minute Mind

My One Minute Mind – All Grown Up

I heard a news story this week that blew me away Did you know that the age childhood ends, according to this news story, is 14!! WTH? 14? Really? I have to tell you I was sitting there with my mouth hanging wide open and a look of utter disbelief covered my face. Apparently, 14…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind – All Grown Up

February · Wifey Wednesday

Wifey Wednesday – Finding the Humor

Welcome back to another Wifey Wednesday! I’m super excited to have you here and I’m grateful for your continued support. My readers ROCK!!! I seem to be on a bit of a humor kick this week (if you read my one minute mind post, you know what I mean) I decided not to break the…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday – Finding the Humor

February · Getting 2 Know U

Getting to Know – Gary

Well I survived the changes. The fingernails are still intact and my nerves have settled down. 🙂 What a blessing all of you are as you never even flinched at the changes! I’m glad to welcome you to another Getting to Know You post! Today I introduce you to Gary from GK Boyd Inc and garyboyd224.blogspot.com…… Continue reading Getting to Know – Gary