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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

photo courtesy of : Sadly, I am going to need to suspend further blogging until issues are resolved with a security breech on my computer. This site and several of my personal accounts have been compromised and I won’t put others at risk. Don’t you worry, I WILL be back! To those few folks…… Continue reading Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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Wifey Wednesday –

Things are settling down here at the ol’ homestead. We’re getting back on track after several derailing incidents. Life certainly has a knack for throwing us some serious curve balls and then just sitting back, waiting and watching to see how we’re going to handle them. Sometimes I look over at Mr Right sitting there…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday –

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Getting to Know- Sandi

Hello friends! I’m glad you made it to another Getting to Know You post. We’ve met some great peeps thus far and I think it’s only going to get better from here. Don’t you? Have you found yourself wanting to visit our Getting to Know You authors and their blogs? I know I’ve increased the…… Continue reading Getting to Know- Sandi

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My One Minute Mind – Generation Z – When is Enough, Enough?

There are some things we can blame on teenage hormones and then there are times when attitudes and actions need to become an accountability issue. Day in and day out, I watch as teenagers become more disrespectful, rude, irate, belligerent, unruly, manipulative, and self-absorbed. When do we stop blaming their actions on teenage hormones and…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind – Generation Z – When is Enough, Enough?

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Wifey Wednesday- 8 Marriage Lessons Round up

Howdy! Welcome to another Wifey Wednesday Round-up Wifey Wednesdays have become one of my top performers. The comments you have all shared in response are so insightful and have helped guide the series. THANK YOU! If you’ve been following this series this is your opportunity to revisit and share some of your favorite Wifey Wednesday…… Continue reading Wifey Wednesday- 8 Marriage Lessons Round up

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Getting to Know- Mandy Eve-Barnett

Welcome back! I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in Ohio we are hunkered down and keeping warm. There’s nothing like gathering a warm beverage, a lap blanket, and visiting with new friends, online friends that is. Today’s author has been around many of my Facebook groups for some…… Continue reading Getting to Know- Mandy Eve-Barnett

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My One Minute Mind

Have you ever been tulling along, minding your own p’s and q’s, unsuspecting when BAM!!! something out of the blue catches your eye? You have to do a double take because you’re not sure you saw what you thought you saw, but sure enough, what you saw, WAS what you thought you saw. It catches…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind