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6 Amazing Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

I thought to myself I cannot be the only blogger on this planet that goes through this. Nor can I be the only one who wonders if there are others who go through this.

So I’m sure you’ll never guess what I’m going to write about today. 😉

Yep, you guessed it, What to do when you’ve got nothing to write about

2017 · Blogging · January

Reminiscing My Top 4 Most Popular Posts of January

I find it particularly important to reflect on where we’ve been so we can be more clear about where we want to go. Yes? Yes!

January 2017, YOU ROCKED!!

Here’s to an even more prolific February!!

2016 · Blogging · November

What to Write About When You’re Stuck About What to Write: 6 Amazing Ideas

Have you ever had one of those moments? A moment when you think, I’ve got a great topic to write about, and then as you start typing, it just feels flat? That happened to me today. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to write about but as I started typing it just felt…… Continue reading What to Write About When You’re Stuck About What to Write: 6 Amazing Ideas

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Summer: Where Does the Time Go – A Blogfest

As many of you know, my boys split their summer time between my home and their dad’s home. Well, guess what? This is their dad’s time 😦 so summer of fun activities are on hold for now Booooooooo!!! BUT I thought this would be a great time to continue my where does the time go…… Continue reading Summer: Where Does the Time Go – A Blogfest

2016 · Blogging · June · Life · Summer

Summer – Where Does the Time Go (Day 2)

Hi! Welcome back! Let’s grab some coffee and talk. OK, I don’t drink coffee but if I did, I’d have a cup with you. Let’s talk anyway! How was your day yesterday? How’s your day going so far today? I’m doing pretty good. The sun is shining and the weather has warmed up finally! Makes…… Continue reading Summer – Where Does the Time Go (Day 2)

2016 · Blogging · Life · May · Summer

Summer – Where Does the Time Go?

Where does the time go? Ever utter that phrase before? I know I do on a regular basis. It seems like my day starts and before I know it, BAM, it’s over. I look at my kids and they’re so cute, cuddly, and young and BAM they’re almost grown or already grown and forging paths…… Continue reading Summer – Where Does the Time Go?

2016 · Blogging · Life · Life Copes · May

Abandoning Myself to the Madness

Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment, but I’m still kicking. I’m just riding the ride until the madness subsides and summer break arrives in 5 days. Yes, 5 days!! Ah, the dog days of summer…I’m more than ready this year. Taking a third job has made life interesting to say the least, but…… Continue reading Abandoning Myself to the Madness