2017 · Life · November

My One Minute Mind – Not So Lucky

Hello. I’m so glad you decided to drop in. Friends never need an invitation to stop by, do they? Isn’t it wonderful to know that you are always welcome somewhere? To know you don’t have to do anything or be anything, to know you’re  accepted just the way you are. If your friend stops by and you’re still in your jammies,…… Continue reading My One Minute Mind – Not So Lucky

2017 · Blogging · January

Reminiscing My Top 4 Most Popular Posts of January

I find it particularly important to reflect on where we’ve been so we can be more clear about where we want to go. Yes? Yes!

January 2017, YOU ROCKED!!

Here’s to an even more prolific February!!

2017 · January · Life · Life Copes

Why You Need the One Word Life Challenge

Your life is running away from you. You’re overwhelmed, over-worked, and stress is beginning to takes it toll. There’s something you can do! Try the ONE WORD CHALLENGE and see if it doesn’t make a difference just when and where you need it


Four (and a hidden 5th) Simple Reasons

HI! So, how are those New Year Resolutions going? Are you still on track? Still plugging away? Oh, I do hope so! During the first week of January, we talked about why we make resolutions. Do you remember? Well, today we’re talking ways we can make ourselves feel better at absolutely no expense! That’s right.…… Continue reading Four (and a hidden 5th) Simple Reasons