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The Teapot Tale: A Giver’s Heart

Photo by Wallace Chuck from Pexels


Glad you stopped by.

Are things going well?

No? Well if you don’t mind my saying so, you do look a wee bit weary.

Ah, yes. So you’ve run yourself a bit thin have ya?

That does happen, doesn’t it? So you ARE a giver. I kind of figured that to be the case. I can usually spot a giver from a mile out.

No, no, there’s nothing wrong with being a giver. Givers are usually the loveliest of people, with hearts of pure gold.

I see. You’re feeling like you have nothing left to give.

That sounds like a really hard place to be. Can I pour you a nice hot cup of tea? It won’t take but a moment.


Here ya are then.

Ah, you’re most welcome. Ya know, as I was preparing your tea I couldn’t help myself from thinking how very much like my teapot you are.

Haha, no, not short and stout, but similar nonetheless. You see, this teapot is quite a thing of beauty. It’s beautiful, sturdy, and useful. It has a purpose and it carries out that purpose quite well, but it doesn’t do it alone, nor can it carry out its purpose if it is empty. You see, it needs care. It needs to be filled up so it can aid in the creation of several more cups of tea. If it wasn’t taken care of, it would sit on that shelf over there, empty and useless. Oh sure, it would still look beautiful sitting on that shelf, but it would be empty, neither of which is its intended purpose. Yes, you, my weary friend, are very much like this teapot. You too need care and to be filled up so you can continue to carry out your intended purpose.

Oh yes, you’re exactly right, taking care of oneself can be quite difficult. Yes, there are times when others cannot be there to take care of us. Thankfully, we are quite resourceful and can find ways to take care of ourselves if we need to. Perhaps simply taking the time to have a cup of tea, as you’re doing now, would be of help. Maybe a nice quiet walk or a bit of music.

Oh, I can see you’re beginning to feel better and that you’re starting to think of ways you can care for yourself. Ways you can fill up.

Why yes, those do sound like wonderful ways to rest and refill your giver’s heart.

I’m glad you stopped by as well. Thank you for sharing your weary heart with me. Oh, no, there’s nothing owed for the tea or the story. Haha, yes, I can see you’re wanting to give again already.

Stop by again, any time. Don’t forget to take care of yourself teapot and remember, you need to be filled up to do what you are meant to do.

Bye. See you again soon. So long friend.


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