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In a Mood

I’ve been in a mood lately. So, short and sweet with some words of wisdom, not my words, but wise nonetheless.

NOT YOUR BUSINESS. As I grow older I remember the days of childhood. sixteen, seventeen, sometimes even younger, where I thought I needed to defend what was mine. Or what I thought was mine. I always thought boys and girls couldn’t be just friends and would confront any girl who talked to my man. It wasn’t like today where you can creep on people via social media. I become so embarrassed for the women who do this kind of stuff. If your man loves you and wants to be there then leave it at that. Don’t go being a petty dumb looking 40 something. I am strong enough to let my man be friends with any person, male or female, why, because bitch, if he wants to go then see ya I don’t need ya. Women especially are the worst at stalking pages and talking shit. They probably don’t even know you but because you’re secure it scares them. Are you doing what you can to keep your man? Clean the house, cook sometimes, stay awake and care for the kids? If you’re that afraid your going to lose your man to another woman then it’s you honey, not that other woman.

SDR, 2020

Why do we women think men and women cannot be friends?

Why do we women spend so much time “watching” other women instead of looking at and changing the one person we CAN change?

Confidence! It’s a thing. Find it. Do it. Live it!

Until Next time,


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