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6 Really Big Reasons Your Story Needs to be Told

I believe we go through things for a reason. I believe that somewhere along our lifeline, God will use our story to encourage, lift up, change, or help someone. The only way that can happen is if we have the courage to share our story. Is it painful to relive it as we tell it? You better believe it is. Think about this, if you don’t share how will anyone know you have empathy for what they are going through?

Some stories we share were painful at the moment, other’s bring us the greatest joy once God has brought us through to the other side. I ‘d like to share my story that was just that for me, painful in the moment, but a blessing after.

The Prequel

If you know anything about me, then you know I love, love, love to read! I read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I’ve read to my boys from the day they were just little kidney beans in the womb and continue to do so to this day even though they are 22 and nearly 16.

There are hundreds of, thousands oh! A lot of books I’ve read that I could say are my favorite or that I’m grateful for, but as I thought about today’s question for the challenge I realized there was one story that I’m more grateful for than any other. Sometimes the best stories are OUR stories. Stories we are grateful for, stories that changed us, stories that grow us every day.

Often times we feel like we are on our own and that no one in the world understands our pain or shares our joy. I’ve become a firm believer in sharing my story. If we never share our story with others, how will others be able to connect with us?

We all have trials and tribulations. Sharing the stories that have changed us or where our lives took a turn can bring others some peace knowing they are not struggling alone or that there may be hope where none existed or it may create connections we never thought might happen. (that’s 1)


Here’s My Story; the Story I’m Most Grateful For

This is my story of struggling with infertility. I went through it all, the taking of the basal temperature every day for months, the shots, the doctor visits, the millions of negative pregnancy tests (ok, that was probably an exaggeration, but it felt like it was millions at the time)

It was the longest 6 years of my life! The day I decided I couldn’t take the mental anguish anymore and told my husband and doctor I was done, emotionally and mentally spent was a very difficult day indeed!

On the night of that same day, I had a dream. In the dream, everyone I knew, past and present, was at my house for what appeared to be a party. The only exception was the one person I didn’t know. He was a tall, bald, black man and every time I got near enough to ask him who he was, he would somehow manage to elude me.

I asked EVERYONE if they knew him or if they had brought him along to the party. The answer was always no.

Finally, after I had asked every. single. person. at that party I sat down on my couch, exhausted! It was then that this stranger came and sat down beside me.

Placing his right hand upon my left knee, he says,

“I am an angel from God and I have a message for you. You are pregnant.”

Folks, I jumped right up out my bed as if someone had light the mattress on fire. I was shaking and broke out in a cold sweat. I forced myself to calm down and convinced myself that it was my sub-conscience dealing with my decision to stop trying to have children.

I told only my husband and my dearest friend about this dream and they insisted I take just one more test. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go through one more disappointment.

I Can’t Take It Anymore

Several weeks later, I had had enough and called my doctor. That dream was more mental torture than even the disappointment of another negative test.

I went in, had blood drawn and was asked to wait. Those were the longest minutes of my life.

The nurse came out to the waiting room, sat down beside me, placed her right hand upon my left knee (does that sound the least bit familiar? Yeah just like the man in my dreams!!) she said,

“What are you going to name your baby? You’re pregnant”

I actually screamed with joy!!! It was the best pregnancy and that little bundle of joy still brings me joy every day and he is now 22!

I was convinced this would be my only baby; 6 more years of trying had me convinced my one was going to be an only.

Thankfully I have a God who works in His time and who loves to do things I never expect!

6 years and 2 months to the day, my second bundle of joy entered our lives!!


A Little Empathy Please

Listen, I know not everyone who experiences infertility gets the ending that I did. I know many women who are still waiting for their miracle. I don’t share my story to make others feel bad; I don’t share my story to bring false hope.

I am sharing my story because one of the greatest abilities we, as humans, have that no other species on the planet has is the ability to show and give EMPATHY (that’s 2).

I know the struggle; I know the pain; I know the edgy nerves; I know the strain on a marriage; I know the guilt when you want to be happy and fake it when a friend tells you they are expecting; I know the anger towards God. I lived it for many years. I can offer empathy and understanding where others may not. But if I don’t share my story how will I know?

We may be someone’s only chance to know they are not alone (that’s 3).

Why You Should Be Sharing Your Story

There are so many things we go through on a daily basis. So many times we face struggles or difficulties. There IS someone out there who needs to hear what you have to share, they need to hear your story (that’s 4). I don’t know who or when or why but I know that is how God works. He uses people to help people. Sometimes a miracle comes to us via a person and their story (that’s 5).

Your story is unique, yes it may be similar to someone else’s. but your story was meant to be told because you didn’t get through it without a purpose. That purpose was because someone you know or may not know is going to need to hear it (that’s 6).

God will bring that person to you or you to that person at just the right time… His time!

Share Your Story!

5 thoughts on “6 Really Big Reasons Your Story Needs to be Told

  1. Robyn,

    Thank-you so, so, so, so much for sharing your story. God has been dealing with me around going by sight, but you know, this is what we’ve learned throughout the years. Tangible things are real.

    However, this entry is a little reminder from HS via you, that intangible things can be too.

    It’s a pointer in the direction of food, for someone in the desert. God bless you. ❤


      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for replying, your post really was. I was even thinking about it TODAY. So please keep sharing yourself with us, and God bless in return!
        PS – Also Thank-you for the follow!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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