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The 5 Best Reasons Silence IS Golden

I don’t know what your life looks like, but mine is always moving at a pretty fast clip. From the moment I open my eyes until I lay my sweet little head down at night, I’m going.

Things and people in my life are going. When everything is going there is bound to be noise.

People talking, cars beeping, babies crying, TV’s blaring, bells ringing, phones jingling, kids calling my name, husbands needing to vent and share… and on and on it goes.

Aaaaa, the noise!!!

Suddenly, it’s the end of the day, the kids are in bed, the phone is charging and on silent, the husband has been fed and is on his way to bed, the TV is off, and I’m left all alone. Ahhhh that golden moment when alas, all is quiet.

Ahhhh that golden moment when alas, all is quiet.

Silence is golden.

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life

Thomas Carlyle

Yes, Silence is golden and Mr. Carlyle has it exactly right, it does allow great things to fashion themselves together.

Silence is Golden

You Could Disagree, But Why?

I’m sure there are those who would argue silence is not a sound; I disagree.

When the day has been so full of noise, silence is definitely a sound.

The sound of nothing – Nothing allows our minds to clear. There is nothing vying for our attention or time. We can simply Be in the nothingness and calm our heart rates, our breathing and really find relaxation

The sound of our own thoughts – With nothing competing for our attention, we can focus on what our hearts, minds, and bodies need. We can think our own thoughts without others opposing them, judging them, wanting them. We can float in and out of any thought we want

The sound of our blood drumming through our bodies – Listening is something we do to others but have you ever thought about listening to yourself, your body. If we take the time to be in the silence, we can hear our heartbeat as it pumps the blood through our veins. That heart beats for a purpose, not just to keep us alive. Listen and you may just hear what your life beat is

The sound of our own nothingness – Sometimes we need to do nothing, be nothing, think of nothing, say nothing, hear nothing, wait for nothing. We need the nothing in our life to balance the moments that are full of something. Silence allows us to halt the demands of something, everything, for just a moment.

The sound of God whispering – Life is busy. In that busy, we can often lose the voice we need to hear most often. Silence is where we can reconnect with the One who created us and who has our best interests at heart. Where we can hear God whisper, everything is going to be alright; whisper, you are loved; whisper, tomorrow’s a new day. Silence reconnects our souls to the world, the universe, the Creator, to God.

Yes, silence is a sound and it is one thing I look forward to every day at the end of a very blessed and busy day. It helps me de-escalate, concentrate, meditate, and rejuvenate from a day filled with go, go, go, and noise, noise, noise.

Silence helps me find me in all the madness that can often be my life.

Yes, Silence is Golden and I am grateful

Your Turn!

What Sound are You Grateful for Today?

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