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4 Ways to Connect as a Family Through Reading Together

Good Morning Friends! It’s going to be a quicky today!

Today’s Prompt asks,

What Tradition are you grateful for?

The tradition I cherish most is the time we spend as a family reading out loud to each other.

So many conversations have happened because of a story we have read.

Books are a fabulous way for us to stay connected as a family.

How We Do It

  1. We choose a book. Doesn’t matter if it’s a picture book, a comic, a novel, or the newspaper (do they even still print newspapers since the internet?). Anyway, choose a book.
  2. We take turns reading. Maybe each of us read one entire book (this works best for picture books. Have you seen the top 100 picture books list? We’ve read them all. OR if you’re reading a novel each person takes a chapter and reads it out loud.
  3. After the book/chapter, the reader is the conversation leader. This person is in charge of getting the conversation started. It’s a great way to help our kids learn how to start and interact in a conversation. It also allows them the opportunity to become a leader with the skills necessary to succeed as a leader.
  4. Ask and Answer questions. Each leader asks these four questions and each listener answers in turn. This has led to many conversations about real life stuff. Don’t hesitate in being honest. Here are the questions we use: A) What did you like or not like about this story/chapter? B) How do you relate to what we read? C) What would you have added or taken away from the story? D) If you could meet the author what’s one thing you would ask him/her or say to him/her?

Reading opens the door to so many possibilities. It can teach. It can open minds. It can create a conversation where none existed. It can help us connect.

Reading as a family is my most treasured blessing and I. Am. Grateful.

Your Turn!

What family tradition are you most grateful for?


7 thoughts on “4 Ways to Connect as a Family Through Reading Together

  1. What a beautiful family tradition! My kids are a bit older, but I’m thinking of starting a “family quiet time” in the evenings when everyone grabs a book and we just enjoy the serenity in the same room. Feels a little old fashioned, but also sounds amazing to the book lover in me.


    1. Thank you, Emily. I think a family quiet time would be wonderful! Old fashioned is something that needs to make a come back, in my opinion!! It’s funny, we started the family reading time when the boys were little and now, at 16 and 22 they still ask if we can read together. I think your idea is a great one!!

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    1. Alice, that is a wonderful way to connect with your family. It is something we also do. I’ve often wondered if that was a part of family time that was dying as this world gets more busy every day. Glad to hear you and your family enjoy a meal together.

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