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20 Ways to Fill a Free Evening


August is moving right along and taking me with it. Summer break ended and I’ve been back to work for a week. I always find it interesting that coming back after summer break feels like I never left. It’s surreal.

Our summer breaks are getting shorter and shorter and school is starting earlier and earlier. This year, we started back on the 3rd (yes, you heard me correctly, August 3rd) and the students returned on the 8th. It’s so bizarre to come home from work and see the pool still open. I rarely have the energy to get over there to swim. Take too much work to get my suit on, grab a towel and walk across the way. PAH-THETIC!!

I remember as a kid we didn’t start school until after Labor Day and finished up the first week of June, then we had 3 glorious months to enjoy our summer. Those days are gone! ūüė•

I don’t understand it, nor do I necessarily agree with this starting school the first week of August, but not a lot I can do about it. Which is a bit frustrating, but whatcha gonna do? It pays the bills.

Beyond the earlier start, this year is also different for me because, for the last three years, I helped my mama clean a school in the evenings (not the same school I work for). At 70 years young, (she calls it her 70th level. Like she’s playing some video game or something…LOL!!!) she finally decided it was time to retire and there was no way in hell I was cleaning that school by myself, so I sort of retired from cleaning too. LOL!

What that means for me is a few more free evenings a week. I’m sure those evenings will get filled up fairly fast because I’m not one to just sit around. Irritates the heck outta me!

I thought maybe I’d throw a list of ideas together that I could use to fill those evenings and decided maybe they would give you some ideas too (if you have a free evening that is)

Here we go:

  1. Catch up on some reading I love reading and have missed it a great deal
  2. Join a woman’s Bible study¬†I’ve not looked into it yet, but I’m sure my church offers something
  3. Cross-stitch¬†Oh my goodness, I bet it’s been better than 10 years since I did that
  4. Use my Cricut and make some cool wall sayings for my house. The bedroom could definitely use some of those
  5. Paint these poor pathetic walls I’ve neglected for so long
  6. Blog goodness knows I always need to do that
  7. Do a deep clean of my appliances, I’m sure they are being overrun with dust bunnies
  8. Visit with friends and family more Some of them have been quite neglected
  9. Meditate¬†of course that means being still, so there’s that
  10. Take a photography course I love taking photos
  11. Go on Walks that can never hurt, right?
  12. Craft Christmas IS coming you know?
  13. Clear out the Clutter funny how things seem to pile up
  14. Paint my nails I rarely have time to do that anymore
  15. Learn a new ‘old’ craft I’d love to bring macrame back
  16. Sort old photos I have boxes and boxes of photos that need to be gone through. What a daunting task
  17. Menu Plan I already do this but maybe I could get ahead, just a bit
  18. Gluten-Free Baking¬†I still haven’t figured that out yet
  19. Learn to crochet my mama is sooo good at it. I’m sure she’d teach me
  20. Finish my business plan It’s only been two years since I started it. Good grief

Not a bad start. Perhaps this could be a bucket list and I’ll just start ticking them off one at a time over the next few years.

Your Turn!

What would be on your list of things to do on a free evening? Are there any ideas on my list that you would do?

Your Thoughts

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