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Laughter is Happiness: 16 Snippets of Laughter (The best of Seen and Overheard)

We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we are happy because we laugh. —

William James

There are times when you just need a good laugh. There is nothing better than a good belly laugh to make life seem less icky and less stressful.

Many things make me laugh: My children’s laughter, a good joke, things I read, things I see and hear and a good many other things.


A while back, on my social media, I started a little blip called Seen and Overheard. These little snippets of joy are things I have seen or heard as I’ve walked through my days, weeks, and months. These were things that I simply just had to share. Today is YOUR lucky day as I’ll be sharing some of them here for you to enjoy.

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Seen and Overheard


Grab the tissues, sugar, your gonna laugh until you cry and for me, there’s nothing better

  • While sitting in pre-op, my oldest was texting with his girlfriend. After several exchanges, he glances up and says to me,”Lauren just texted and said she’s late”
    HOLD THE FRICK ING PHONE!! My heart dropped clean outta my body and lay in a puddle on the floor. After seeing my completely astonished look, he quietly says
    “I probably should have phrased that differently. She’s gonna be late getting to the hospital!” Ya think rephrasing that might’ve been a good idea do ya?
    #lifewithboys who have girlfriends


  • As we started our backyard camping adventure, my oldest blessed our first meal with the following: “Lord, thank you for this wilderness food that we caught ourselves. May it give us the strength to be able to get back to civilization. ”
    oh for heaven’s sake! Lmbo!!! 😂😂😃



  • While out trick or treating, the boy says
    “Hey! If we all exchange costumes, we can hit each house twice!!!
    Girl, “That’s literally the best idea I’ve ever heard”


  •  My son hollers for me
    “Mom, mom, come up here quick!!! I have to show you something!”
    I walk up the stairs, turn the corner only to see the youngest son on the floor laughing hard enough I wonder how he’s able to breathe and see my oldest son posing in his best Vanna White pose as he says, and I quote
    “I’ve decided to rest my case!!!!!!”
    As he too erupts into peals of uncontrollable laughter!!
    #punny #lifewithboys #mykidsarehilarious


  • I was getting ready to go outside and had put on my denim and flannel jacket and had pulled my hood up. As I walked by my son and his woman, he tells me,
    “You look like you’re from the hood”
    To which I reply,
    “I am from the hood, MOTHERhood!”
    “Damn that was witty”, he says
    #MamasStillGotIt #Funny


  • While enjoying a bit of family time yesterday, we were sitting on the deck and the flies were terrible. My niece asks,”What is that?” Referring to a rather large fly.
    To which my hubby replies,
    “It’s a horse fly and if you look really close you can see a cowboy on its back.”
    I kid you not, my niece leaned in as close as she could get to see if she could see the cowboy!!!
    #GullibleChildren are so funny! #lifewithteenagegirls



  • The neighborhood kids must be playing freeze tag. As I’m leaving I hear,
    “No, if you’re tagged, you’re in the freezer with the door closed and you can’t move till I open the door and thaw you!”


  • While talking about what everyone wants for breakfast, my oldest says,
    “I’m afraid to eat breakfast because for the last two days I’ve bit my lip in the exact same place”
    Ah, the joys of having teeth and lips in close proximity!!


  • Me: you need to wipe your cheek. You have Nutella on it.
    Youngest: OK
    He then proceeds to wipe the spot where he thought it was.
    Me: try again, it’s still there
    Again, the youngest wipes his face.
    Me: come here, it’s right….oh no, wait, that’s not Nutella, it’s two freckles!!!
    Bwuahahahahahaaha!! #Lifewithboys #freckles are sneaky!! #oldeyes don’t see as well as they used to! 😃😄


  • While visiting Walmart (yes, I went to Walmart on my vacation, hush) I’m behind a lady who has a cart full of water, pop, and gatorades. She and the cashier are talking and the cashier asks if she’s having a party.
    “No, ballgames” the lady replies.
    The cashier says how hot it’s been to which the lady responses,
    “Yep, gotta keep these kids dehydrated!!”


  • The oldest discovered that your forearm is the same measurement as your foot size. When he shared this information with the youngest, they both immediately shucked their shoes and socks, propped their ankles up on their knees and promptly began the measurements!! Lol!! What a sight! #OnlyLifeWithBoys 🙎👣👟👣👞📏🙎


  • “Mom, being a vampire is hard”
    Does this mean he thinks he IS a vampire? 🧛‍♂️


  • While playing Beat the Parents, this question came up,
    People from America are called Americans. What are people from Denmark called?
    The youngest blasts out,
    I love it!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍
    #Lifewithboys, #LearniningCANBeFun, #FamilyGameNight


  • It was nice out this evening so I was driving with the truck windows open. My youngest, who was reading his summer book for school, reaches back and shuts the small back window. When I questioned him as to why he says,
    “It’s blowing my hair and I can’t possibly focus on my reading AND my hair at the same time. *Imaginary hair flip*!!”
    #lifewithboys #makingfunofgirls #thatsnotnice 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  •  We went to a family reunion yesterday and the hubs and the youngest son went fishing. There were several other little kids fishing too. The youngest son caught his first fish ever!! As the hubs began taking the fish off the hook, one of the other little guys says, that’s a great fish. The hubby says to him,
    “It’s a bluegill”
    To which the little guy responds,
    “Oh! I thought it was a real fish!”
    Laughter and giggles all around.
    “Bluegill is the name of the fish, it IS a real fish.” The hubs explained.
    The little guy answers with,
    “Are you sure?”
    #kidssaySillystuff #thestruggleisreal

and the final one for today

  • While walking in the beautiful sunshine today, I passed a family who was discussing how hot it is. As they get into the conversation a bit deeper, the little guy in the group pipes up and says
    “It’s so hot, I’ve lost 50 calories!!!”
    Oh if only it were that easy!! 😄


What makes you laugh? What made you laugh today? Share a funny story and share the laughter!

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