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Summer of Fun – Day 8 – Creeking

Hi! Did you think yesterday was quite the doozy? Whew!! It felt like it went from zero to ninety in 6 seconds flat, but I think we’ve recovered nicely. Everyone slept well and we started another adventure today.

We are blessed to live near a wooded area that has a small creek running through it. That creek has provided more fun for us and many photo ops of wildlife over the years. We’ve seen herring, multiple types of birds (I keep meaning to buy a bird guide, but procrastination…you know🙄), coyotes, snakes and of course all the little fish and water striders. We have an owl in that wooded area. I’ve yet to see him, but I hear him nearly every night. I’ll keep looking. Hopefully, he won’t be elusive forever. It’s amazing how many creatures can coexist near a water source.

Sometimes, we love putting on our old clothes, grabbing our water shoes, picking my camera up and heading down or upstream. It never gets old and it never looks the same twice!

Creeking is one of our all-time favorites things to do! 

One of my youngest son’s friends is spending the weekend with us so he got to experience creeking with us. The sad thing is, about 10 minutes into the trip, his shoe came apart!! UH-OH! I don’t mind letting you know, I laughed my behind off!! (is that wrong?). Anywhoo….our creek trip was cut waaay short because the poor kid couldn’t walk through the creek barefooted…too dangerous with the way folks mistreat the creek and use it as a trash can. 😥

It’s funny, no matter how old you are, sometimes there is nothing more gratifying than plopping a big old rock into the water and hearing it KERPLOP! and send a huge splash into the air. That never gets old. Skipping rocks is another of my sons favorite and it never gets old either (of course I’ve not mastered it yet but I’ll keep trying).

I think other than the shoe break, the most interesting thing that happened was the youngest found a rock shaped like Nevada! It’s in the photos below, don’t miss it!

So in our short time in the creek, I managed to get some fairly decent shots, which I’m happy about, we skipped rocks (and by we I mean, my son and his friend), KERPLOPPED rocks, and broke a shoe! Not bad for a ten-minute trip 🤣🤣🤣. We spent the rest of the day at the pool (you can do that barefooted) and playing Kahoot trivia! A really good day if I do say so.

Creeking (1 of 21)Creeking (2 of 21)Creeking (3 of 21)Creeking (4 of 21)Creeking (5 of 21)Creeking (6 of 21)Creeking (7 of 21)Creeking (8 of 21)Creeking (9 of 21)Creeking (10 of 21)Creeking (11 of 21)Creeking (12 of 21)Creeking (13 of 21)Creeking (14 of 21)Creeking (15 of 21)Creeking (19 of 21)

Well, that was our creeking adventure. It was so much fun! I love getting outside, taking photos and most importantly,  spending time with my boys, even when one can’t make it because of other obligations. They grow up all too soon, I’m going to take every second I can get!!

Image result for information Today is the last day of our first stretch for Summer of Fun. Beginning this evening, the boys will go to their dad’s for two weeks to have a summer vacation with him. Summer of Fun will resume June 26th!! Hooray!!

What does that mean for you? It means I’ll be blogging about my vacation to Kansas!! There won’t be a post every day like there is with Summer of Fun, but I’ll check in.


Tell Me What You’re Doing for Vacation this Year. Stay-ca? Travel? Nothing?

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