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Summer of Fun – Day 5 – Water Balloon Hot Potato (a new take on an old game)

WOW! Day 5 already! We’ve had such a great time so far and all of our activities have been such a success! If you’ve been reading along, then you know, yesterday was our baking day. We made some fantabulous goodies and enjoyed spending time in the kitchen together. Hope you had or have a chance to make one or two of the recipes I shared. I’d love to hear all about your baking adventures!

Today’s activity is a new spin on the old game Hot Potato. Do you remember playing that as a kid? I do, too!


Let’s refresh our memories just in case some of us have forgotten how to play. The game goes like this; you take a ball (or a sock or for Pete’s sake, a potato), you grab a group of friends, everyone stands/sits in a circle. One of the players, whose not in the circle, is in charge of the music. When the music starts, the ball/sock/potato is passed around the circle, each person passing to the next. The person in charge of the music makes the music STOP randomly and whoever is left holding the ball/sock/potato when that happens, is OUT. Reconfigure the circle, start the music again, and repeat. The last person WINS!!

We used to toss that potato so fast you could hardly catch. We certainly didn’t want to be the one holding it when the music stopped! (a little friendly competitiveness, huh? 😉 )

Now for our version. It’s HOT! Fire on Microsoft Windows 10 April 2018 Update Going swimming or playing with water goes hand in hand with hot. That’s how we came up with this idea for a new twist on an old game.

Water Balloon Hot Potato how to:

What you’ll need ( I know, this seems a bit ridiculous, but eh, let’s do it anyway🤭)

  • water balloons – fill a bucket full cause this game is a blast and you’re going to want to play over and over, not to mention the potential of a dropped balloon popping is high
  • a bucket
  • phone or another device to play music on
  • swimming attire or clothes you don’t mind getting wet in
  • towels
  • music – just a little bit about the music – we found an actual Youtube video that plays the hot potato game music (thank you, David Thompson, don’t know you, but thank you!). No, seriously, this video even randomly STOPS the music for you. It makes it really nice because no one needs to be in charge of the music and everyone gets to PLAY!!! It was cool as crap! (which is a really dumb expression and yet, I use it quite frequently. Anyway, we all know crap is not cool. Tee hee hee!! )
  • a nice location in the yard or someplace safe to play

Now you have everything you need to play.

How to play:

  • get everyone in a circle ( We all know, depending on the ages of the kids playing, this can be The.Single.Most.Challenging part of the game. Do your best. 😜)
  • give one person a water balloon
  • start the music
  • begin passing the water balloon around the circle one person at a time
  • when the music STOPS (now, this is where we do things a little differently from the original game so pay attention) the person holding the water balloon is NOT out but must break the balloon over their own head. YEP, they’re gonna get wet!! Isn’t that the best part?
  • grab another water balloon, hand it to the person standing next to the one who just soaked themselves
  • restart the music (or do like we did and let the music video continue to play)
  • repeat the entire process over and over and over…

I think we played about 8 rounds AND refilled our bucket with balloons and did it another 5 or so rounds! It was fantasmigorical, even with just 2 players!!!

What a great time and more importantly, a great memory!


See you tomorrow! We’re going to the park!!

It’s your turn!! Tell me…

What you and your family do when it’s HOT outside? Do you stay in? Go to the pool? Find other ways to stay cool? I’d love to talk with you and maybe grab some new ideas!


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