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Summer of Fun – Day 3 – FREE

Here we are on Day 3 of Summer of Fun. It seems like only yesterday we were building bridges, oh wait, that was yesterday 🙂  Sorry, I’m feeling a bit flibbertigibbet this morning. I shall try to behave!! 😉

Today has been quite a day. Of course, we rolled our die last night and were all set for what was to take place today, but as often happens, things happened. Know what I mean?

The series of events went like this:

  • We have one planned activity for this week that we will not be rolling the die for because it requires us to use my mama’s firepit. Obviously, I need to help her get her deck all set up because after all, I asked to use the firepit so the only respectable thing to do is help set it up, right? RIGHT!
  • Early this morning, I’m running behind (imagine that?!) I grab a quick bite and head over to mama’s house thinking it wouldn’t take too long to get things squared away at her house. I figured a couple hours at most. Boy was I wrong!
  • I get to her house and she is running behind as well. Eh, no big deal.

Now, I have to tell you this story to tell you that story – (cue the flashback music)

Awhile back, oh, winter-ish or so, my mama’s shed roof collapsed. It was cold! We didn’t want to deal with whatever mess may have and probably was inside. Nope, we would take care of it when it got warm. I mean the roof had already collapsed there really wasn’t much more we could do. It’s not like we have someplace else to store all of her stuff. So, we waited.

Back to today – (end flashback music)

  • Now, we’re ready to start. We head out to the shed knowing there’s going to be a mess, I mean the roof collapsed for heaven sake. When the roof collapsed, not only did it allow water to get in, but it also shattered her glass patio table. A nice BIG patio table. There was glass everywhere!
  • So we hit it hot and heavy because we don’t want it to take all day. Folks, let me tell you until you’ve had a shed roof collapse onto a BIG OL’ patio table and it shatters the tempered glass, you really have no idea what sort of mess that really is. OMG!! There were little cubes of glass EVERYWHERE!!
  • Now we couldn’t just pull stuff out of that shed without cleaning up all that glass. Nope, that wasn’t going to work and so it began.
  • We swept and cleared. We moved. We shifted. We swept some more. We tossed. We threw away. We swept up more glass. We rearranged. We swept up more glass (are ya getting the picture? LOL) We created more of a mess than you probably can even wrap your mind around. Long story short, we swept up a lot of glass and then some more glass and then some more glass.
  • Two hours in, I knew I couldn’t let her down and quit halfway through. That wouldn’t make me a very good daughter. At this point, I was as committed to that shed as much as I was to getting that firepit set up.
  • Knowing time was not on my side, I decided I needed to make the call. I needed to ask my son if he would be okay switching today’s activity. I was a little worried because I didn’t want him to be disappointed.  I shot a text off anyway,  asking him if he would mind changing today’s plans and instead of doing what we had rolled, could we make it a free day. Know what he said? My completely understanding kid said, “sure, no problem”!

Whew! Now we are set and our activity for today is in place, I’m going to be able to finish what I started with my mama and can fully commit even further to finishing the shed, getting the fire pit set up, and the deck ready for our fire activity later this week.

Nearly three and a half hours later, the shed is finished and the deck is ready. It’s finally to be moving onto today’s fun.

What does a ‘free’ day look like? Well, mostly its everyone choosing what they want to do. The boys, being kids, chose to be on their phones (I know, big surprise there, huh?) They love to watch Youtube videos. That’s their thing. Not just normal stuff either. They watch some of the strangest videos and of course, they want to share them. So then, I’m also watching this weird crap. Some of it makes me laugh, others, well I just can’t say how I feel about them. They’re just so strange.

The boys LOVE Pinterest. Most of us, as adults, use Pinterest to find DIY projects, recipes, or to promote our business, not my boys. Nope. They use Pinterest to find funny memes or quotes. It is hilarious to listen to them laughing about something they’ve seen on Pinterest. It will be very quiet, because everyone’s on their phone, and then all of a sudden there’s a BIG BURST of laughter from out of nowhere. Whether or not I know what they’ve read or looked at, I always laugh when they burst out because it scares the bageebees out of me. I’m okay with being scared out of my wits because they have such wonderful laughs!! Nice deep belly laughs that warm my heart, even if they do sound a bit crazy when it happens. 😉

They love music. One of their favorites is Sabaton, a heavy metal band, to be exact,  that sings about history. WHAAAT? Music that also teaches them something? Shhhh, I won’t tell them if you don’t. I will be completely honest here, it’s not my cup of tea if ya get my drift. They also love the music I grew up with, which IS my cup of tea!!

Interestingly enough, the hubby also has his go-to on free days, after he gets home from work that is. He usually watches what I call ‘the old man news’ (this is any news local or national. UGH, I hate the news) and then he also spends time on his phone. He usually isn’t looking at Pinterest, oh no, he spends his phone time texting his guys or watching silly videos on Facebook. See, here’s the proof that even old men like to be on their phones.


I spend my free time, looking up recipes, DIY projects, cleaning or preparing menus for the week. (Sorry, no pics of me, I’m the photographer, remember?) As I was doing my free stuff, it hit me, we are all on our phones! We should do something together and put those little boxes to good use. That’s when I decided we should play trivia.

I work in a school and many of the teachers use this game site for test review and it’s always a great time. Both of my boys have played it in school and are well versed in how it works, the hubs, well, he has not a clue what the heck it is.

Let’s make this a trivia night, I say. Cool!! The boys shout. Grumble from the hubs. Oh come on, it’ll be fun, I say!

The youngest and I decided to see if we can get the site up through our Wii in order for everyone to be able to see the questions on the TV instead of all of us huddling around the computer. NO GO. For some ridiculous reason, our Wii won’t connect to our internet. Not sure how that’s possible, it plays Netflix just fine, but noooo, we can’t get the internet to come up so we can play trivia.


The hubs finally conceded to playing and grabbed his work laptop; we connect that bad boy to the TV with an HDMI cord and voila, trivia is on!!


Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what this little trivia game is called so you can play too. It’s called Kahoot and here’s how you can get in on the action!

  • Go to Kahoot.com
  • sign up for a free account
  • scour through all the games
  • grab your phone (that’s how you’ll enter your answers)
  • Pull up your phones internet browser and type in Kahoot.it
  • Enter the game code and pick a player name
  • click start
  • Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

Here’s the cool thing, you can play alone or you can play with a group of people. I mean if teachers can have an entire class full of students play there’s no reason you can’t play at a party or with your family. It’s really a lot of fun and there are literally hundreds of games on hundreds of topics! It’s a WIN for everyone!

Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Create an account
Screenshot (5)
Explore all the games
Screenshot (6)
Enter the pin on your phone and PLAY!


It was a ton of fun!! It’s a competition and it’s crazy trying to get on the ‘podium’ as one of the top 3 at the end of the game! Here’s a little hint: the faster you answer, the more points you earn, so don’t dawdle!! LOL!

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our free day 😦 but we had so much fun! I do hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

I would love for you to tell me how your family spends their free time. What’s your favorite thing to do when you have free time? Do you allow for free time in your schedule?


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