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True Confessions of a Junkie…No, Not THAT Kind

Oh my gosh, February is just flying by! Can it really be the third week already?

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet this month, (I hope you don’t feel as if I’ve abandoned you) but my life is flying almost as fast as February and things have just slipped through the cracks.

You see, I am trying to put a business together and I’m not sure I realized or wanted to face the reality of just how much work that would actually entail!

It’s funny how life, er history, tends to repeat itself. I was scrolling through some older posts because one of my goals was to be more actively involved in my blogging this year and found this gem to share with you today because it is so relevant. Well, maybe not the part about being 6 days without the internet connection, but the rest is so true and is good for a laugh.

Maybe I’m not who I think I am

There’s also an ah-ha moment from re-reading this post. I’m always the first one to like those photos on Facebook that ask: “would you live here for a million dollars” or “could you survive here without the internet for an entire year”

Could You Live without the internet
Photo Credit: Gilbert Ross

I suppose I THINK I could, but if you read the truth in this blast from the past, perhaps I could not.

Definitely, time to reevaluate, huh?

They say the first step to solving any problem is admitting you have a problem. 😉

So here it is, me admitting I may have a teeny-tiny problem (tee hee hee) in my true confession of being an internet junkie!


I didn’t even know!

I am not even sure when it happened.

How it happened.

But apparently,

I am an internet junkie! 

Oh, that glorious, wonderful wireless connection I have become so dependent on and take for granted.

I just hadn’t realized how dependent.

Nor was I aware of how often I have started using the internet for everyday common things!

Don’t have directions to some place I’m going?

Google Map it!

Not sure what time the game starts?

Go to the team’s website!

Time to pay those bills?

Transfer money from the checking account!

Menu Planning?


Want to bake cookies?

Look up the recipe!

Not sure what a word means?


The list goes on and on.

Every thing I do now seems to revolve around using the internet!

Internet junkie

Do I still know how to do it the slow way? Sure I do!

Is that a pain now that I have been spoiled?


For six, really long, oh my gosh, how am I going to get anything done, days, we were, I mean, I was without an internet connection!

Our service was interrupted when we decided to upgrade our service and decrease our bill.

Now, if any of you have ever done this, then you know we were at the mercy of the company we were dealing with!

Six days!

Initially, I was like, eh no big deal.

Then it was time to plan my menus.


💻 All of my recipes are online.

I never got around to copying them to my desktop file!

Holy Moly! 

💻I pay ALL of our bills online!

Good Grief!!

What time does the baseball game start we’re going to on Saturday?


💻 No way to look that information up!

Call the stadium!

Um, we don’t have a phone book anymore, I didn’t think we needed it, so I tossed it!

Oh, My Gosh!!

💻 I need to write a post!

Not today!

I’m imagining your starting to wonder why we didn’t just use our phone data.

Valid thought, I assure you!

To try and be frugal, our data plan is a shared plan.

I have trained my guys very well.

We rarely use our phone data when we don’t have access to a wireless connection.

We didn’t have access to a wireless connection.


Go to a place that offers free WiFi! 

Let’s go to Nana’s house!!

Now, I love my mom but I would much rather just visit and not have it be about my stuff or lack of stuff!! Ya know?

What a pain in the behind, but okay! 

Pack the bag! Laptop, bills, pencil, paper, calculator, a hard copy of our menu, post-it notes, hard copy of our calendar.

Oh I know I’m forgetting something!

Needless to say, it was not a fun experience.

Doable but not fun!

These last six days have been quite the challenge


I am glad to announce, not only did we survive, but I am better for it!!


Photo Credit: © AP Photo/Nati Harnik Phone books are stacked in Omaha, Neb., Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008.

When that free phone book (yes, they still print those archaic beasts!) appears on the step in front of my door, I will find a place for it.

I am going to copy those recipes onto my desktop or at least move them to a thumb drive, just in case!

The only thing I may not be able to take care of offline…those pesky bills I pay through my bank transfer. Hello? Nana, can we come over?

However, I must tell you, there has been a collective sigh of relief around here today!

We are simply glad to be re-connected!!!

Your Turn

So, are you an internet junkie? It’s okay to admit it. I’d love to hear how often you actually disconnect, I mean really disconnect and recharge. Does it come easy or is it really difficult for you? What do you do when you’re disconnected? How do you find a balance between being online and not?

       Sincerely Yours, Via the Internet 😉


4 thoughts on “True Confessions of a Junkie…No, Not THAT Kind

  1. LOL! This post made me laugh – yes of course I’m an internet junkie! It’s crept up on me too but it’s just so hard to get away from it isn’t it? As you say, everything is done online now – paying bills, communicating with friends, watching movies, research, a quick recipe – and in my case, I run my business online too so I HAVE to be connected!! But without the internet, and all of our wonderful apps and online platforms, I wouldn’t be able to run my business from my phone! And I love that 🙂 x


    1. Nicole, I’m so glad it made you laugh! It is funny how quickly we’ve all started relying on the internet. I remember when there wasn’t such a beast (gosh, I just revealed how old I am….geesh). But you’re right, everything is connected to it in some fashion. I too will be running a business that requires the internet. What business are you in? I’d love to hear more about it.


      1. Hi there! What business are you starting up? Mine is an online shop called Pomegranate Living and I source and sell handmade home accessories from the UK and elsewhere. Being online means I spend a LOT of time online running and marketing my business. And it’s been quite a learning curve! I do think it’s amazing that we can do that nowadays though. You just need a smartphone and maybe a laptop and an internet connection and off you go! Good luck with your venture! 🙂


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