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Reminiscing My Top 4 Most Popular Posts of January

HEY, HEY, HEY! (did you hear the infamous Fat Albert when you read that? )

Life lessons we could all relearn, I’m sure! I loved that cartoon!! I don’t think I missed one episode during my childhood! LOL  🙂


I was looking through my stats (they’re not grrrreeeat but at least I have stats, right?) and I thought it would be fun to reminisce this month’s top posts here on the ol’ blog.

So, if you’re ready, here.we.go

I was going to say they weren’t in any particular order (what a ninny I can be) and then I realized I had ordered them chronologically as they appeared on the blog.

Number 2

This month started off with a bang as we looked at new years by the numbers! Were any of you surprised to learn that only 44% of American adults planned to kiss at the stroke of midnight? I would’ve thought that number much higher.

# 2 on the Top Posts List for January 2017

Number 1

As the month went on, we talked about our new year resolutions and what we’re really wanting from them; to be happy. In fact, every resolution speaks to the fact, we just want to be happy

# 1 on the list of top posts

Number 3

As we moved into the third week of January, there were secrets to discover, 4 and a hidden 5th secret. The secret, why we need to smile! Do you know what the 5th reason was? It wasn’t in the numbered list, so…..what was it?

#3 on the top post List for January 2017

Number 4

Finally, we wrapped up the month with a challenge! There is nothing like a good challenge to get me moving! How ’bout you? Do you like a good challenge? Then this post is for you as you begin looking down the road a bit further into 2017.

Coming unglued because life is crazy? Try the one word challenge
#4 on the list of top posts January 2017

I find it particularly important to reflect on where we’ve been so we can be more clear about where we want to go. Yes? Yes!

January 2017, YOU ROCKED!!

Here’s to an even more prolific February!!

Your Turn!

What were your top 3 posts on your blog? Share the link in the comments!! 

I’ll check em out, comment and share!! Ahh, see what I did there? A bit of networking tis a great way to start the year! 😉

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