Four (and a hidden 5th) Simple Reasons

HI! So, how are those New Year Resolutions going? Are you still on track? Still plugging away? Oh, I do hope so!

During the first week of January, we talked about why we make resolutions. Do you remember?


Well, today we’re talking ways we can make ourselves feel better at absolutely no expense!

That’s right. You don’t have to buy anything.





Now, notice I never said “no cost”, I said at no expense. Sadly, there is a difference.

No expense means you will have no out of pocket expenses. Nope, you’ll need no cash or credit! You don’t have to put any money into what I’m about to share with you.

However, there will be a cost!


Feeling better about ourselves will cost us. It will cost us sacrifice, being uncomfortable, letting go of insecurities, dealing with sadness, and unhappiness and maybe more for some of us.

It’ll be worth it, promise!

Your circumstances do not have to dictate your level of happiness. Being Happy is a choice; it doesn’t come from without, it comes from within.

Even on those those days when You’re just not feeling it. There are ways to find happy and let it out.

Ever have those days when you’re just not feeling it? Where it’s doom and gloom at every turn? Oh, how I can relate my friend. There are days I literally drag myself out of my bed and can hardly wait to crawl back in it. Can I get an AMEN!

On those days, there is still a way to find your happiness, even when you’re not feeling it and are literally dragging yourself out of bed and through the rest of the day.

Come closer….this is juicy!



Yep, it can be that simple.

What makes it so simple?

1. You can smile even when you’re not really feel it: I know that sounds really shallow or fake, but it works. Try it. Not really feeling happy? Smile. Come across someone who rubs you the wrong way? Smile (NO, not that sarcastic smirk…attempt a real smile). Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Smile. Your mood can be greatly improved just putting a smile on your face!  Want a better mood? Try a smile? I’m in, are YOU?

2. Smiles are contagious: The more you smile, the more those around you will smile. Just like a laugh, smiles convey something that just can’t be ignored. Just as smiling can improve your mood, so too can it improve the moods of others. Have you ever had someone smile at you, genuinely smile, and you not be able to smile back? I didn’t think so. When someone takes the time to throw a smile your way, you almost can’t help yourself. You. Smile. Back. It’s ok, you can admit it!

3. You will look younger: Science doesn’t tell us exactly how many muscles it takes to smile. It’s been said, and I’ve heard many times, it takes every muscle in your face to smile…um that means smiling is exercise for your face! As we all know, exercise is good for muscles. Smiling= less wrinkles because we’ve exercised our facial muscles. If you’re smiling more, you’re going to improve those silly little life lines we call wrinkles (crows feet don’t count because those tell the story that you’ve had much laughter in your life)! You do want to look younger, right?

4. The Benefits outweigh everything making you unhappy: You’re not sure you’re buying all this smile mumbo jumbo. That’s okay. I get it. Do yourself a favor, Google, psychological effects of a smiler. Go ahead. It’s okay. One of the articles you’ll see pop up is one on Forbes; it’s called Why Faking a Smile is a Good Thing. Roger Dooley talks of other benefits of smiling even if you’re not feeling it. Stop by the link and check it out! You’ll also find this one, Oh, and this one, and…well I think you get the idea! There are hundreds, maybe thousands of scientific articles speaking to why smiling can improve your health, mind, attitude, and outlook! Resolutions or not, you want to be happy, right?

Welllll, the next time you’re not feeling it, happy that is,



Did you find the bonus reason hidden within this post?

How Did Your Smile Affect You or Someone Around You Today?



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