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Did You Know These 5 Facts About Christmas?

Originally posted on 12/12/2014

Ah, Christmas! The lights, the sounds, the forced family fun! Putting up the tree, decorating the house! It’s been this way since I can remember.


Did you know…it wasn’t until after the 1800’s that Christ’s birth was celebrated by Christians, before then it was a pagan celebration

Did you know…early celebrations were about “ignoring laws, drinking, and terrorizing people” in town

Did you know… most “Christians loathed the day and saw it as sinful & evil”

Did you know… it’s believed the 25th was decided upon in order “to counter the evil festivals that occurred around the winter solstice”

Did you know… Pope Julius I, in 320, didn’t like seeing the birth of Christ celebrated on so many different days and so declared the 25th as the official birth date of Christ.

YOUR TURN: What’s something you know about Christmas that I or others may not know?
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