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What to Write About When You’re Stuck About What to Write: 6 Amazing Ideas

Have you ever had one of those moments? A moment when you think, I’ve got a great topic to write about, and then as you start typing, it just feels flat?

That happened to me today. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to write about but as I started typing it just felt all wrong.

In typical fashion, I sat and thought for a good long time about what else I could write about, but nothing was coming to me. I was Googling the heck out of the words November, Blog Topics, and Post Ideas, but nothing was striking my fancy, nothing!

Then I thought to myself I cannot be the only blogger on this planet that goes through this. Nor can I be the only one who wonders if there are others who go through this.

So I’m sure you’ll never guess what I’m going to write about today. 😉

Yep, you guessed it, What to do when you’ve got nothing to write about

I have to admit, I’ve been so busy over the last three weeks that I’ve not taken the time to use, let alone, actually sit down and fill in and create my editorial calendar. This means I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to my writing. I’d like to tell you that’s not my typical but it probably is more often than not.

With that being said, don’t despair when you’re struggling to come up with something to write about.


Here are six amazing ideas for when you’re stuck about what to write about.

  1. Just start writing typing!  Some of the best posts I’ve read and written were simply some random thought. Believe it or not, sometimes you’re rambling can make a lot of sense to someone else. You don’t have to have any ideas when you start. Just start typing whatever comes to mind. It may seem like a bunch of rambling nonsense, but there are many times an idea will just POP off the page and then you’re off and running with something to post about.
  2. Jump Off From an Old Post! You know that old post everyone loved and your comments were rocking and your stats were through the roof? Well, why not grab something out of that old post and make it new. Maybe a new thought process or perhaps you think differently now than you did when you wrote it. Don’t be afraid to reuse content, especially the content that rocked your stats!
  3. Do a Photo Post! Whether you’re a professional or just a photo snappin fool, how about picking a theme and sharing photos based on that theme. Themes can be anything! How about oops, missed the shot; or maybe the color red; how about messes (that would be a great one at my house! 😉 ) The possibilities are endless!
  4. Share Your Story! Look,  you may think your life isn’t all that exciting. Nothing ever happens that anyone else would care to read about. That’s what you may think. The truth is, that’s not the truth! No matter what your story is, no matter fairy tale or horror story, someone is going to be able to relate to it in some fashion. If you don’t tell your story, who will? NO ONE that’s who! So don’t be shy, tell your story,
  5. Use Hot Topics from Social Media! You’re scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and you notice you’ve seen the same topic fifty times! Well jump on that bandwagon and start writing! You have an opinion, even if it’s different from other opinions. Don’t be afraid to be a bit controversial! That’s what makes life fun and interesting.
  6. Do a Review! It could be anything from your favorite laundry detergent to a great book you’ve read. It doesn’t matter what you review, just let people know what you do and don’t like about something you love or hate!!! Reviews are a great way to write when you don’t know what yo write about.

I’m sure there are other things you could write about but those things are what popped into  my brain as I was trying to figure out what in the world to write about today! 🙂

Happy Writing!

What Do You Write About When You’re Stuck For Something To Write About?



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