2016 · October

Hello October

Hello October,

I’m so glad to see you. You always hold so much promise in your own colorful speckled way. Your promises of crisp cool days, crunching leaves, and warm toasty fires brings me such contentment. I always look forward to your return as you bring so many special things when you come.

I lavish myself all summer long in the heat of the sun. I swim and laugh and tan myself it’s always so much fun. I stroll through the summer of fun and it always brings such joy . It’s lazy and hot and I love being able to just lounge under a big shade tree.

But then, the summer ends and September creeps in. There are cooler days and a little rain, school starts and things begin to change. You, October, seem to simply wait your turn. You’re never in a hurry.

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You never rush the changing of the colors, nor the crispness in the air. There are so many ways you usher me into the season I love most. Some days you bring warmer temperatures and others are quite chilly. There are times when you bring the rain and it can be so gloomy. But then you make amazing things happen and they’re things that I adore.

I can hardly wait to see your fabulous foliage as it fades away the green. I know your presence means old man winters on his way but I don’t want to rush. I simply want to sit and watch as you transform my world from green and lush to brilliant reds, golds, and yellows. I want to feel the crispness that you usher in that begs me to stay and snuggle.

You make me think of things I have not thought of since last you visited; pumpkins, sweaters, fires, crunching leaves, fresh apples, walks in the park, cool breezes, tasty soups, cozy blankets, trick-or-treat, tasty treats, brilliant colors, hay rides, corn mazes, birthdays and more.

Yes, I’m glad your here dear October! I didn’t hear you call but my oh my it is so nice to finally have the fall!!



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