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30 Day Gratitude Challenge : Day 11 – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Any Guesses?

How’s everyone’s challenge coming along? Are you finding yourself noticing more and more things? I know I am and it’s bringing a bit more joy to my life and hope that joy is becoming a part of your everyday life!

Today’s Challenge  – What Holiday are you grateful for?

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I’m a total Christmas junkie! I love all things Christmas and am most grateful for the Christmas holiday!

Christmas the most wonderful time of the year

The smells. The sights. The sounds. The Love. The Family. I decorate every room of our home. I decorate my kitchen cabinets, my stairway, my hall, nothing is left untouched. I even decorate all the bathrooms! I know, it’s insane! Every room has some sort of Christmas tree whether big or small (yes, yes, I know, that’s crazy too but I just can’t help myself)

Have you ever heard the tale of the Christmas tree?

In the words of John Paul II: “The Christmas tree is an ancient tradition that exalts the value of life, for in the winter season the evergreen fir becomes a sign of undying life… The message of the Christmas tree is consequently that life stays “evergreen” if we make a gift of it: not so much of material things, but of life itself: in friendship and sincere affection, in fraternal help and forgiveness, in time shared and reciprocal listening.” (John Paul II, Audience, 19 December 2004). Read More…

The Christmas Tree


I LOVE Christmas!!

Most important to me, celebrating the birth of a King! Jesus would come to this earth to save my sorry butt from the sin I was born with. He walked the earth knowing I was going to need Him to understand the things I go through. I try to live my life knowing that I can give the peace of Christmas all year long, not just through the holiday season.

Life IS a gift and I want to show that to people every day. I believe I do that in the way I treat people and in the way they see me live. I may not always be good at it, but I know that’s how I show people the gift that life is.

The Birth

I notice a difference in people during the Christmas season. They seem lighter and happier. They seem to have more desire to be kind. There is more peace on earth during the Christmas season. Why can’t we hang onto that spirit all year long?

It’s something I struggle with too, I can’t lie. I often catch myself being short with others, edgy when things aren’t going well, snappy when I’m tired.

Maybe we should just leave our Christmas spirit hung up all year! After all, the stores bring us Christmas in October 😉 so why can’t we just have the Christmas spirit all year long and call it done. Then the stores wouldn’t even need to put the Christmas stuff away!

Maybe there’s something to this Christmas in July business, but maybe it has nothing to do with the ‘things’ of Christmas, but everything to do with the attitude of kindness! Did I just sound like Dr. Suess? Sorry




Yes, Christmas is the holiday I’m most grateful for, now to just keep that peaceful, kind-filled spirit all year long!

See ya next time,

♥ R



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