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30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 7 –

WOW! This is a tough one today. There are so many memories I’m grateful for, I don’t even know how to begin to choose.

I’ve rattled through so many as I’ve pondered today’s challenge. That in and of itself is something I’m grateful for. Today’s challenge prompt has sent me back to many places, events, and people in my life. Every memory is precious to me for different reasons. I’m sure I’m not alone in this line of thinking.

The first memory that popped into my brain was the birth of my children. Then, of course, there’s the memory of my proposal and wedding; There’s the day I was baptised and much, much more.


I don’t know if I can choose just one memory I’m thankful for. Does that sound like a cop-out answer??

The memory of my grandmother and all the time I spent with her are one’s I’m grateful for, as she is no longer with me. The time I spent with my dad, is also fresh in my mind as I miss him every day. So each memory with the two of them are absolutely ones I am grateful for.

I’ stumped, however, on which memory to choose to share as one I’m grateful for today….hmmm…

The Road Less Traveled

I suppose we hold our memories dear because we are grateful for each one. They hide within the recesses of our minds and occasionally we go back and revisit those times, perhaps we smile or shed a tear, but they are precious, each one in their own way.

I think the answer I’ve come to is this: the memories I hold are all packed away and I’m grateful for each of them as they showed me, one by one, who I am, grew me, taught me, and helped me to see just how blessed I am.

I could choose one to share but then I would feel as if somehow I had cheated the other memories I didn’t share. The desire to share them all is so great. I’ve lived my life and each day holds something that made me who I am and I hold each memory in high regard, each deserving of a story. Maybe there’s something to this. Maybe there’s a need to create a way to share each memory as it happens, not just store them away and be selfish keeping them to myself.

On a regular basis, my family has always sat around telling stories and reminiscing about days gone by. Those times showed me the importance of memories and how sharing them from generation to generation teaches us, bonds us, and allows us to form relationships with those closest to us.

You see, I do not have just one memory I’m grateful for, I have them ALL!!

What memory did you choose to be grateful for today?




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