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A Gratitude Challenge: Seeing the Little Things in Life

Blessings and Good Morning.

I think many of us would agree there are things in our life for which we have to be thankful.

We sit day by day waiting and watching for those blessings to come rolling in. We notice the bigger blessings. Things like getting that loan for a new car; a loved one who comes through a surgery; that new job we applied for and want to get and do.

Finding Joy in Every Day
Photo Courtsey of Robyn Adair Photography

We know we should be grateful, and yet so many times we get caught up in the day-to-day hum- drum and are so focused on those bigger blessings we miss the smaller blessings.

I’m guilty. I can’t lie. I, too, notice the big blessings and miss the little things that happen  every day.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Not really sure why, but it has taken some of the joy I usually feel and diminished it greatly.

It’s for those reasons and probably a few more, that I’m taking part in a new little challenge I discovered on Pinterest.

It’s called The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. It looks like the challenge was created in November last year, but hey, let’s do it today!! Each day we are asked to focus on one small thing. They’re simple things. Not big things. I’m hoping this will lead my heart in new directions. New ways of thinking and seeing my everyday life in a different light.

Now, the original challenge is a journal prompt. You know, where you write in your journal the answer to the writing prompt. Which I could do, but I’m going to do it on a grander scale and write about those things here on the blog.

I was really hoping some of you might join me. So I’m going to share the list, that way you can get them written down, downloaded, screen- shotted or whatever you need to do to keep the list in front of you!


30 Days of Gratitude
What are you grateful for today?

I’m super excited (haven’t felt that in awhile) about starting this challenge with you! Let me know you’re in by sounding off in the comments!

See you all soon!

♥ R



7 thoughts on “A Gratitude Challenge: Seeing the Little Things in Life

  1. I’m saving this in my phone and I’m totally doing this with you! I love how quickly your mindset changes when you focus on the little things.
    Day 1, I’m grateful of the smell of clean bedsheets. 🙂 x


    1. HOORAY! I’m glad you’re going to tag along with me Katey! I have to agree with you about how quickly our mindset changes when we focus on little blessings. Oh man, there are few things as comforting as clean bed sheets. Crawling in and getting all snugly when they’re crisp and clean! Looking forward to hearing all about your little bits of gratitude!! 🙂


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