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Summer of Fun 2016: You’re Never Too Old To Play

Well as much as yesterday was a bust, today was a BLAST!

Things rolled into place; it was hot, the sun was shining, we had all the supplies.

Yesterday got me thinking. So many times life grabs a hold of us and  drags us around like a rag doll. Things can run a muck very quickly and steal our joy.

Especially as adults we can forget the benefit of laughter and fun! We can get so caught up in the things we need to do we forget to play; we NEED to play.


So, today I decided it was time for a massive rounds of laughter, squeals of delight, and some good old fashion playfulness!

Oh, and You’re Gonna Get Wet!!

Our water gun fight may have been postponed, but we certainly made up for lost time today!

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than to run around chasing each other with these poor pathetic little water pistols.

Place a bucket-o-water in a central location and have at it!

If you’re lucky, your older brother won’t sabotage you with a surprise dumping of the ol’ bucket over your head or perhaps it’s the younger one you need to be cautious of.

Hubs told me the photos looked staged; I promise you, they were not.

What I can tell you is trying to take photos AND squirt a water gun are two things I would not say is easy to do at the same time; nonetheless, I pulled it off!

Fillin’ ’em up!

Filled and ready to battle

Let the Game Begin

Fight! Fight for Your Water

When all else fails, GRAB THE BUCKET!!

Everyone WINS when you’re having FUN!

When was the last time you played? What did you do?

♥ See you tomorrow ♥

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