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Summer of Fun 2016: Life Happens; Roll With It

Today was a bust! At least when it came to our activity it was.

As it often does, life got in the way.

We started off really strong; we spun the wheel and water gun fight came up!

We were all looking forward to it and then….LIFE HAPPENED.

There was a heartbreaking phone call from a family friend; there was taking care of family pets for those who are away from home; there was tackling a job I’m standing in for; there was an unexpected visit from my sister, we took the oldest to work, dinner didn’t get done until 8:30,  and a few other things that led to time speeding by and before we knew it, the day was near its end.

That happens sometimes, as I’m sure you know all too well.

Sometimes unexpected things pop up or there are just too many things that need to be done and we don’t quite get to everything we wanted to do but instead spend the day doing things that weren’t necessarily on our list.

Yeah, that was our day.

Unexpected things popped up all over the place and before I knew it, the day was at an end.

Thankfully, I have some really awesome kids who are willing and able to roll with it.

I think of all the things I’ve taught my kids, either intentionally or unintentionally, the ability to be flexible and adaptable is one of the biggies!

Sometimes the best laid plans can go amiss and our ability has to then become not letting those things ruin our day and derail us.

We could’ve let today disappoint us. We could’ve let today make us angry; instead, we rolled with it and let things come as they may.

It was still an enjoyable day; it just wasn’t the day we planned.

Don’t misunderstand, we were all disappointed that we didn’t get to our activity, but the bigger picture was things happened that needed to be taken care of, people who needed us to be there for them and sometimes those things come front and center.

Do you ever find yourself swept away from the things you wanted to do?

It’s hard when that happens. I know I can feel like a spinning top on those days. I just spin round and round never knowing what’s going to come next.

Keep heart on these days! It is often these days that show us our true grit.

I’m so glad that as a family we have learned the art of adaptability! 

I think being adaptable is one of the biggest things we can teach our children (I’m repeating myself….it must be important)

Life is unpredictable (Hey, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before…like in this post). It’s on those days we need to remember it’s okay to say, “we’re just not going to get to that today”, be happy in the moment and make the most of what’s happening. After all we don’t have control of most things anyway. Right? Right!

Having the ability to roll with whatever comes our way, helps our children learn to be and act the same way. If we let unexpected things frazzle us and make us angry, guess what our children are going to learn?

I’m certainly not saying we should hide our disappointment or that we shouldn’t be angry. What I am saying is that even in those emotions we can show our kids that even when life throws us a curve ball we can still hit it out of the park!

Today was a perfect example of that for us. We didn’t get to the activity we thought we were going to do, buuuut we did get to help others; we did get to spend some great quality time with one favorite aunt; we did get to laugh, and we did get to do something instead of what we thought we were going to do.

So even on our worst days where things don’t work out quite like we planned, we are able to choose our reactions and make the most of it.

And if when all else fails – COLOR!

Your Turn! When life happens and plans change unexpectedly, do you adapt or does it ruin your day?

♥ See you tomorrow ♥




3 thoughts on “Summer of Fun 2016: Life Happens; Roll With It

  1. It depends on what was planned. Generally, all we can do is adapt and carry on. Sorry, your day didn’t go as planned but you have a great attitude about it.


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