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Summer of Fun 2016: Weekend Update

HEY! Welcome back! Did you have a good weekend? I certainly hope so.

It was a bit crazy around here so I didn’t have time to post, but we made a ton of memories over the last two days and learned a few things too.


I guess the first thing I want to share with you is something we learned about our Spinner Wheels. Remember we had categorized our wheels into ‘free’, ‘buy’, and ‘travel’ and depending on a few things decided which wheel to spin? Right! So, it rained here on Friday (didn’t think about that when we put our activities on the wheels, oops!)

When we sat down to spin, we ended up spinning the wheel several times (5 to be exact)! The goofy spinner kept landing on an outdoor activity (not good for a rainy day). Finally, after 5 spins we landed on something we could actually do. Thankfully there were peals of laughter about needing to spin so many times (whew! that could’ve gone way wrong). As a matter of fact both boys told me I HAD to write about that whole spinner incident. That’s what they called it, the spinner incident!! LMBO!!!

Jammie Day!! How perfect is that for a wet, dreary day?! Here’s a little disclaimer before you look at these photos. Don’t mind the mess!  😉

My not so subtle oldest in his best vogue pose!!
Nothing better than playing videos in your jammies

After we figured out we were doing jammie day we wondered what this little exercise in spinning taught us? Well, it taught us, we need to categorize our wheels a bit differently. Perhaps the categories need to be Indoor, Outdoor, and Travel for just such days as we had on Friday. It’s a bit difficult to do something outdoors when it’s a soggy, muddy mess regardless of whether the activity is free or not!! Live and learn I suppose. We didn’t change the titles yet, but imagine we will in the very near future!

Next up in our crazy little weekend was going to set up the gym I’m cleaning for my mom. There was a party happening in that gym and they were gonna need tables and chairs. So off we went. (sorry, no photos of that. I can tell you we were a sweaty mess).


It finally stopped raining! Which meant we were able to attend a BBQ to celebrate our friends 5th wedding anniversary! Saturday was HOT and MUGGY!!  Of course you know after it rains it is sweltering!! Oh my gosh was it hot! Thankfully there were plenty of cold drinks (yes, yes, yes, there were adult beverages). We were supposed to have a fire but it was waaay to hot for that. The food was great, the company better, and the day was a complete success!!

I found a great dish to take to the BBQ. I cooked up a batch of potato skins and these bad boys were THE BEST potato skins I’ve ever eaten. Apparently they were a BIG hit with the other guests too because they were gone in like 5 minutes! I heard one guy say he had FIVE!!

Silly me, I forgot to take photos of mine so here’s the original photo from BuzzFeedLife. They own this photo!

Not my photo…obviously. It’s BuzzFeedLife’s photo


Today’s Activity: GIANT BUBBLES

The ol’ spinner said GIANT BUBBLES! So, in truest fashion I wasn’t satisfied to simply go out and buy bubble solution. Oh Noooo, I had to find some we could make ourselves. Look out Pinterest, HERE I COME!! (psst…don’t tell my kids, but I already had the recipe because I’m the one who put it on the list to begin with. They just think I’m really fast at finding cool stuff!)

The Giant Bubble recipe we used turned out to be pretty darn awesome!! It’s just 5 ingredients (what is it about 5 this weekend? 5 spins, 5 ingredients, gone in 5 minutes, ate 5…geesh!)


Thank you BusyKidsHappyMom.org! (stop in and give them some love)

Here’s a few things we noticed. The directions said to let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours. Ours actually did better sitting overnight. Our cornstarch (yes there’s cornstarch in there) kept separating and sinking to the bottom. We just kept stirring!!

I know, there’s six pics and only 5 ingredients. One of the pics is my son putting glycerin in

6 C water (we used cold, turns out it didn’t matter because it sits for some time)

1/2 C dish soap (ours was Dawn)

1/2 C Cornstarch (be sure to mix this in really well)

1 TBS Baking Powder

1 TBS Glycerin (found ours at Walmart in the pharmacy in the anti-itch aisle – strange I know)


We spent today going to church, catching up on laundry, going to take care of cats, feeding a goldfish, driving the oldest to work, and tearing down the set up we did on Friday.

We also revisited our bubble mixture and discovered once it sits awhile IT WORKS GREAT!! Take a look!


The bubbles REALLY ARE giant!!!



Overall, I’d say this weekend was a success!! Even though we had quite a bit going on, everyone stuck with it, got it done, and had lots of FUN! (oh,oh look at me all rhyming and stuff!)  🙂

Your turn! Tell me about your weekend!

♥ See You Tomorrow ♥

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