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Summer of Fun 2016 – Activity 3 – Ode to the Banana Split

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for ICE CREAM!!

Sometimes you fulfill a dream!

Gather ingredients and supplies


Ice Cream

Chocolate Syrup

Oh You won’t believe your eyes!

Butterscotch or Strawberry topping

Look out things are gonna get hopping!


Whip Cream



Better get a bowl, you’ll need it soon!

An Ice Cream Scoop, you’re on your way

Banana Splits are OKAY!

Banana Split fixins

Slice Bananas One by One

In the bowl you’re not quite done!


Scoop the ice cream 1, 2, 3; there’s enough for you and me!


Add Some Chocolate or other Topping

Don’t look back there’s just no stopping!


Top it off with the Cream,

Strawberries, Bananas. What a scream!


Gobble it up!! It’s What’s for Dinner!!!

Nope it’s not gonna make you thinner.

When you’re finished you’ll feel fine

Banana Splits are fun to dine.

Take it slow cause in a flash, comes along

The Sugar Crash!


You won’t get far if you try to roama, now you’re in

a Sugar Coma!


If you’re lucky and it’s not extreme,

You’ll only have sweet ICE CREAM DREAMS!


♥ See You Tomorrow ♥


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