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Summer – Where Does the Time Go? – Summer of Fun Kicks off in ONE Day!!

Hey ya’ll!! Glad you stopped in again today!

How are you? STOP!  I need to say something here because I just had a thought flash through my head and it needs to come out.

Have you ever had person  ask you how you are for the sake of ‘being polite’ or because it’s ‘the right thing’ to do? It annoys me beyond reason when someone asks me how I’m doing as they continue right on past me. Just don’t ask if you don’t have the time to actually stand your ass still and hear the answer. Trust me, I will not find it rude if you just say hi as you pass by. Don’t feel obligated to ask how I am in  a manner which completely shows you really could care less what the answer is or even if you hear the answer at all?

I hate that! If you’re going to take the time and wasted breath to ask me how I am, please take the time to at least listen and be interested in the response. I promise I won’t keep you and more than likely my answer will be short. Nothing irritates me more than someone who asks that question because it seems like ‘the polite’ thing to do.

I had to tell you that so I could tell you this… I AM NOT one of those people who just asks ‘how are you’ to be polite or because it’s the thing to do. When I ask how you’re doing I am genuinely interested in hearing the answer, if you tell me which you’ll have to do in the comments; if you do I will respond in kind!)

So, how the hell are you!?!

Oi’ now that I have that out of my system; shall we move forward?

Ya’ll are gonna be sick of hearing that I cleaned my house, actually, I finished cleaning my house. Remember I only was able to complete the top floor yesterday? Well today I finished up and cleaned the bottom floor. It looks fantastic! Here, see for yourself…

I learned something new as I added these photos. If you hover your mouse over them, you’ll see the captions I added! COOL BEANS!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent learning one of the buildings my mama cleans because when she goes on vacation next week I am filling in for her.

I have to tell you, I’ve never seen so many bathrooms in one building in all my life! I kid you not, there were 5 bathrooms right in a row plus a few others scattered around the rest of the building! UGH!

It was so hot in this building too! I was dripping with sweat by the time we finished (I know, that’s gross). We sort of rushed through the whole learning part because we were on a tight time schedule due to having to pick the boys up.

We finished all in good time and headed off to get the boys.

I love the way our rides go when I get the boys. They hop in the car and immediately ask if I want to hear about their day! Well OF COURSE I DO!!

I can’t believe how big he’s getting! I blinked didn’t I?

I tell ya, the last week of school for my youngest has been quite interesting…NOT!  (peanut- that’s his nickname. Has been since I discovered I was pregnant with him. He’s too big to be a peanut now, but that’s who he is to me.)

Here’s what he tells me:

“1st period, we took a test; 2nd period, we watched a movie; 3rd period, we watched a movie; 4th period, we just sort of hung out; 5th period, we watched a movie; 6th period, we played dodge-ball; 7th period, we watched a movie!”

Good thing lots of learning has gone on the rest of the year because I’m not sure what he’s learning from all this movie watching! Of course I’m imagining there was probably some book turning in going on, locker cleaning out, and perhaps lunch happened too!! 😉

It was a short visit for my oldest (oh I call him lil bit; same story, I’ve called him that since I found out I was pregnant with him; doesn’t matter to me he’s 6’5″, he’ll always be my lil bit. Thought you might wanna know that just in case I call them their nicknames. At least now you’ll know who the heck I’m talking about.) Anyway, it was a short visit because he’s a working man now and so peanut and I had to drop him off at work and then we had an hour to spend together!

Have you ever been to the store 5 Below? That’s what we did for the hour we had. We went and explored 5 Below , we saw great big foam dice, picnic baskets, water guns, beach blankets, and a ton of other things! It’s got some really cool stuff and we were able to get a  few more ideas for our summer of fun list!  I can’t wait to get started. Our summer start is getting closer and closer!

Summer of Fun 2016 kicks off in 1 day!!! I am so blessed with kids who, even as teenagers, are still willing to do our summer of fun list activities!

♥ See you tomorrow! ♥


3 thoughts on “Summer – Where Does the Time Go? – Summer of Fun Kicks off in ONE Day!!

  1. I know what you mean about the How are you question. I feel the same way. Don’t just ask for the sake of it if you don’t want to know. Now that you’ve cleaned your house how do you feel about cleaning mine?? (Just kidding!) 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Yeah, I think the How are You question has been plaguing me for some time as I experience it more and more often! I feel fabulous now that my house is clean, now to figure out how in the world to keep it that way 😉
      I would love to clean your house unfortunately, I’m needed here 🙂 Thanks and you enjoy yours as well!!

      Liked by 1 person

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