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Summer – Where Does the Time Go? Sometimes You Just Have to Kick Yourself in the Ass

Well, did you survive yesterday’s mammoth post? Are your eyes a bit spent from all that reading? I can imagine. I really was glad to get caught up though so thanks for enduring and for joining me again today.


Some days you just have to stick close to home and kick your own ass

I knew I didn’t have anywhere to go until late afternoon; I also knew there were things I had neglected that needed to be taken care of soooo….after much mental preparation, a few pep talks in the mirror, I got on Facebook! (go figure)

Ever notice when you have several things on the ol’ to-do list you can find a million and one ways of putting them off? Oh! Is that just me? OK. Let me start again.Today I knew I had several things that needed to be done but I kept finding a million and one ways to put them off. Facebook is not your friend when you have several things that have to be taken care of. 🙂

I’d like to tell you I jumped right out of bed with a ‘go get em’ attitude, that I was up and raring to go. What I did instead was look at emails, message with a friend, scroll around, commented a bit, looked at celebrities then and now pics (have you seen some of the 70’s actors then and now…whoa!), saw about a bazillion stories about that terrible event at the zoo and spent an over abundance of time wasting it.

About three hours (I know! I told you I wasted a lot of time) after I crawled out of bed I finally decided enough was enough and went to take a shower (we’ll call that the one of the million and one ways to put things off).

I’m actually learning something about myself

I’ve actually been noticing it for some time now. Here it is; If I don’t get up, shower and keep moving first thing in the morning, I become a sloth. NO, really, I am pretty much useless all day.

Long and short of it, I had to literally MAKE myself get up, get a shower, and start taking care of things. I spent waaaay to much time sitting around relaxing this morning and it took everything I had to get moving. *note to self: leisurely mornings are not for you*

Once I got started I was pretty damn productive

I cleaned the upstairs and by clean I mean I stripped the bed clothes off the beds, I dusted from ceiling to floor and everything thing in between, I threw things away, I vacuumed, and did the bathroom. NICE!!

The boys room. Lots of stuff but none of it’s dirty!!


Our room all spiffy and clean

Sadly, I only had time for the upstairs cleaning (sorry bottom floor, you’ll have to wait) because I had million and one’d away my morning and it was time to go get mama.

You know she’s without her car and she had to meet her boss so he could give her the run down on her new responsibilities. But first, we went fan shopping.

I am liking my really low electric bill

The air conditioner is not on. Yes, I’m well aware its been 80+ degrees outside. I’m just hooked on this low electric bill thing so I’m gonna put off turning that air on for as long as I can. Not to mention I hate being cooped up. We go from being cooped up in the winter because it’s cold to being cooped up in the summer because it’s hot. I NEED FRESH AIR!!

It’s driving hubs crazy, but hey, if we can save a buck or two I think we should. Michael Tortorello wrote a great little post, Bringing in the Big Fans, over at The New York Times all about using fans vs air conditioning, you know, if you’re interested.

Enjoying my fans!! HA there’s a joke in there somewhere 🙂
I really wanted metal blade fans; they seem to give off more air in my opinion, but seven stores and two days of looking rendered me hopeless and I settled for plastic blades. Thankfully they are working beautifully and my house feels nice and cool again, yes, even upstairs. There’s nothing more peaceful to me than having the windows open and hearing all of the daily sounds just outside my four walls. LOVE IT!
Oh by the way, those great mechanics I adore finished mama’s car and we went and picked it up – thank God it wasn’t Tuesday before she got it back.
I finished up with mama and headed to the store to pick up a few things, which I know never happens so I paid very close attention so it DID happen. Then it was home to make kabobs, corn-on-the-cob, with Mediterranean Orzo Salad (psst! This is a great recipe, but tonight I cheated and bought it at my local deli- don’t tell the hubs!) DELISH!!

Mindless ending to a great day

I ended my day watching The Bachelorette. Can I just say, I’m hooked, hands down! I don’t even know why I’m hooked; it’s like a really bad soap opera, but I love rooting for my faves and booing for the evil ones! This season is proving to be quite interesting so far and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week! Are you a fan?

I’m finding the little things are blessings too

Life Holds So Many Simple Blessings, Each Day Bringing With It Its Own Individual Wonder

The results of these little posts I write are proving to be quite beneficial. I’m finding more and more that seeing the every day blessings are almost, if not more important, than seeing the big blessings. Today the little blessings were: we’re all caught up and back on track with posts, I recognized something new about myself, I have a house to clean, fans save me money, I have food to cook, I am able to sit here and talk with you!

How was your day?

♥♥ See you tomorrow!! ♥♥


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