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Summer – Where Does the Time Go – One, Two Skip a Few…

One, Two skip a few, um well, the rest of that little saying doesn’t really fit here, but I do need to get us caught up. *blush*

You see, I had the first two days of my summer rockin’ and promptly proceeded to miss several days so nothing was scheduled to drop.

Nothings gonna stop me though. We’re just gonna get all caught up, cram several days into one post and move right along!

Sound good? FABS!

Let me see now, what have you missed? *looking at calendar* Wait! What? Days 3-8!?  Eeeek!! I missed more than a few days of getting something written and ready to roll.

JUNE 2nd how in the world did that happen?

Settle in folks cause this is gonna be a doozy of a post!!

Ok, we’ve a lot of catching up to do so let’s get to it

*deep breath* AND GO!!!

Day 3 was spent thrift shopping. I love nothing more than finding great bargains. Frugal could probably be my middle name. Of course there was no way my parents could have known that so they gave me a different middle name. 🙂

My all time favorite thrift store!!

I discovered that none of my family has shorts that fit for this summer. Why do children insist on getting bigger? Geesh!

Hubs and I are both in dyer need of shorts as well, so thrift store shopping was a have to – darn the bad luck! *wink, wink* 😉 😉

It was a successful trip, well at least for the hubs. Walked away with 4 pairs of shorts for him – nice! Now I ask you where else could you buy shorts that look almost brand new (OK, so there’s a few frazzled edges) for under $10? That’s right!. TEN DOLLARS!

Day 4 was spent lounging around and thinking about my oldest son. You see he was a high school senior this year, talk about bittersweet. I’ve watched him grow so much in the last year, well of course he’s grown, duh! What I mean was in his maturity.

He’s growing up way too fast! Cap and gown pics will soon be up and floating around in cyberspace

He got a job, is paying a few of his own bills and has some great aspirations.

His graduation ceremony was today. He didn’t walk. Oh he graduated, will get the diploma but is not one for pomp and circumstance. He opted out of attending the ceremony.

I was sad about that but ultimately decided he should get to make his own decision.

The cap and gown were purchased and so I’m going to be taking photos of him over this next weekend. He was adamant I wasn’t going to, but mom won that battle!! GO MOM

I think what won him over was me telling him I respected his desire not to walk at the ceremony, he needed to respect my wish of having a photo of him in his cap and gown I could display for all the world to see. Look for the photos…they will be out there, I promise.

Later in the day we went up to the in-law’s house for some grilling and good conversation. My father-in-law grills a mean bratwurst!! YUM! We watched a little golf (dad-in-law is an avid golfer) and I learned a bit about the game I’ve always viewed as a snoozer!

Day 5 was church day. Can I just say I love my church. We’ve not been attending long, but the people are some of the most friendly and open people I’ve ever come across.

This is where our church family gathers

Here’s a little story that happened a month ago, but it will just show you who my church family is.

Hubs and I decided we wanted to be greeters as a way to get to know people since we are new to the church. So, we signed up. Well, one Sunday morning on which we were supposed to greet, we woke to find the bottom floor of our condo flooded. OH MY it was a mess (hardwood floors and water do not mix!)

I called my mom, early, well early for her, tee hee hee, and asked if she could run over to the church to let them know we wouldn’t be there because no one was answering the office phone.

I later found out, when she got the call from me, she didn’t get showered, she didn’t get dressed, she simply shoved her feet into her slippers and out the door she went, jammies and all!

When she arrived at the church, looking as if she were some rag-a muffin she was greeted as if she were wearing a ball gown. These lovely folks offered her coffee (several times actually), invited her to come in and enjoy the service, asked if she needed anything, showed interest in her and best of all, made her feel so welcome she actually considered staying for the service.

Now why that may not sound profound to some, it was extremely profound for my mother who hasn’t stepped foot in a church in nearly 40 years. She had some very bad experiences with a church she used to attend where peeps weren’t so nice or accepting. In fact they were down right judgmental.

So for my mom to walk into my church in her jammies and slippers and still be made to feel so welcome and important speaks to me of a great unconditional love these people have for all of God’s children. Did I say I love our church? Yeah well they sealed that for me that day. These are the sorts of peeps I wanna surround myself with!

The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable. Brennan Manning


Day 6 was not your typical Memorial Day celebration. There wasn’t a family get together with BBQ and lots of food but there was some good family stuff going on.

My mama has this front flower bed that I started helping to clear out on Mother’s Day. Yes, I said Mother’s Day. I know that was awhile ago but life’s been a bit busy here lately.

Anywhoo, hubs and I grabbed our shovels and gardening gloves and headed over to mama’s to get that flower bed finished for her.

As we are digging, hubs asks,

“wonder if any of the guys in my men’s group has a tiller?”

As I’m sure you can imagine there was a collective reply of WELL ASK!! He did, and one did and so we ended up with a great little tiller!

My mama is on cloud 9. She is seeing her flowerbed finally begin to actually look like a flowerbed instead of a bed-O-weeds!!

I didn’t think to take a before photo! Oops! But here’s the end results! FABULOUS

Which of course leads to,

“Oh and now the back flower bed needs to be turned and oooohh, could you till where I want my garden to go?”

Ah but of course oh mother dear!! What an absolute pleasure it was to watch my mama’s face as it lit up with pure delight.

It was no easy task. The front beds we had neglected for a year, the back bed had skids piled in it, and the area where the garden was to be looked like an amazon jungle long forgotten.

But we pulled the debris out, picked the weeds out, used the weed eater to chop down that jungle, rolled those skids like a body builder rolls a tractor tire, chopped tree roots in half, bagged the crap, and tilled every square inch she wanted tilled!!

SHE never looked so happy…she looked exhausted, but happy. I love helping my family!

Day 7 was pretty uneventful. Ran a few errands, did a few loads of laundry, visited with my boys ( I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that time and day), and…oh wait something did happen!

Mama and I carpooled to get our errands done (trying to do our part, no applause necessary 😉 ) we ran around for a good 4 hours going here and there. Pretty good day, nothing to outrageous.

We did another thrift store run to see if I could find shorts for the boys! Friends, I hit the jackpot on the first stop!

4 pairs of shorts and 4 shirts for the youngest, and 4 pairs of shorts for the oldest (he has enough t-shirts to outfit the army) and I spent, are you ready, $16.00!! Oh my gosh I love thrifting!!!

All the loot!! What a mountain of great thrifty finds!

When we were finished, mama dropped me off at my house so I could go get the boys and she left. Fast forward 2 hours. I get a text that her car has broken down and is over heating! CRAP!!

Never fails does it? Things are tooling along quite nicely and then something has to go and put a snag in our day!!

She made it to our mechanics (you remember them don’t you? My funny front desk guy? ) anyway, it’s of course a major repair and she can’t drive it, may not have it back until Tuesday.

I’ll run her around, drive her anywhere she wants or needs to go (well maybe not like to Florida or something, but around town, yes, I’ve got that covered) 😉

Have I mentioned lately what a great guy my husband is? He’s been quite the supportive and understanding guy with all this mama time going on and helping her out. I’m proud to call him hubs!! That’s for damn sure!

Here’s my guy!! ♥♥♥


I love summer!! I do have to say though I can’t wait for the first two weeks of summer vacation with the boys so we can start our 50 things of summer list. You can check out some of last year’s summer of fun list by clicking HERE which will take you to our first activity.

Can’t wait to start this year’s list and share it with you.

What a blessing the last five days (still can’t believe I missed that many) have been. I mean really I’ve been blessed with

sunshine, great thrift stores, great kids, fabulous husband, an amazing church family,strong body for digging, a car to help others with, and LOVE!!

You’ll hear no complaints from me!

Thanks a bunch for hanging with me through this MASSIVE post! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

What are you doing with your summer?

See you tomorrow!!





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