17 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Mike, great wording to go with the image. Poetry is one of those forms of writing that simply doesn’t come to me immediately. Part of me craves the ability to mesh sentences into a word of art like you do. On the rare occasions a poem leaps from my brain onto my computer, then I’m giddy. Maybe there’s hope for me or maybe I’m just dreaming. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Michael, the picture and the poem blended into one seamless vision. If you hadn’t given me advance warning then I would have thought that you have fallen into serious depress mode. An excellent write!


    1. Dave, depression modes are desperate, not serious… Seriously, all is well in the realm. The combination of the pines and having discussion thirty minutes prior to seeing the image, regarding what to write on a tombstone… well, that can exact a toll, but the price was minimal to cross that bridge, and we move on.


    1. I just let the picture tell the story, Colleen. Robyn’s offering was where I was at for that moment. Maybe in another few years, I will come across another image I feel compelled to write to. One can only hope.


  3. Here I am, in my 10th year of writing poetry on the internet, and one of the things I am notoriously known for, is my inability to write a poem to a picture. Normally, I run from those challenges, like a scalded dog…

    However, the picture you have here, compelled me to try… Thank you for including me in this post. I really enjoyed dueting with you, Robyn.



    1. Myke, I am so glad you found inspiration in my photo enough to try. I think it turned out as one of the most beautiful pieces. My photos always speak to me but now this one truly does!!


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