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Wifey Wednesday- 8 Marriage Lessons Round up

Copy of Wifey

Howdy! Welcome to another Wifey Wednesday Round-up

Wifey Wednesdays have become one of my top performers. The comments you have all shared in response are so insightful and have helped guide the series. THANK YOU!

If you’ve been following this series this is your opportunity to revisit and share some of your favorite Wifey Wednesday posts.

If you’ve just started reading this series, here’s your chance to get caught up, share, and find your favorite posts.


Finally, I’m Normal


We’re marching on today with yet another Wifey Wednesday post which I think most of us are going to gain some valuable insight from.

Hey all you singles…pay close attention as this may be one of the best pieces you will ever read in regard to married life.

I know when I was single I had an image in my head about what being married would be. Read more…

Finding the Humor

Finding the

I seem to be on a bit of a humor kick this week (if you read my one minute mind post, you know what I mean)

I decided not to break the trend.

This is going to be the best 7:52 minutes you will spend today. I promise! Read more…

Troubles Can Improve Your Marriage


I want to share with you a post I wrote when I was working under Essenceofafamily.weebly.com. It was originally posted 9/10/2014, but it was a great reminder for me in this exact moment.

You see, relationships go through lots of ups and downs. Read more…

Not Just For Married Folks


I’ve been thinking about this series a lot lately. In all honesty, I’ve considered changing the name. Several things have contributed to this line of thought. Then I thought, no, I think I’ll leave it as it is.

Here’s why this thought train has been traveling down these recent tracks.

Over the last few posts I’ve had several comments with regards to singles and how they almost skip reading these Wifey Wednesday posts because they aren’t sure the information applies to them. Read more…

Loving Well


I’m learning to let things go that are harmful to our marriage and am putting in place those things I want for our marriage.

My post last week really hit home with me. It opened my eyes to all I CAN DO to help grow our marriage and it showed me areas I need to be paying closer attention to. Read more…

7 Life Changing Habits for Staying Together

xemenia and jacob 145_pe

I’m excited for this year as I begin looking at more ways to improve my relationship with my Mr. Right and as I share our struggles and success with you in hopes you will improve your marriage/relationship too! Read more…

New Year New Starts


I’m sort of in awe that 2015 is nearing its end. I look back over this last year and wonder how time can possibly go so fast. I look forward to continuing Wifey Wednesday in the new year! Read more…

I’m looking forward to another 8, 10, heck 20+ Wifey Wednesdays with you!

Like what you see? Why not tell all your friends!! Sharing is caring, so do the pinning, tumbling, tweeting, and Facebook-ing or whatever social media you do with any or all of the Wifey Wednesday posts! Thanks for sharing!

See you next week,



5 thoughts on “Wifey Wednesday- 8 Marriage Lessons Round up

  1. I enjoy reading all your posts! Wifey Wednesday’s and others. And it doesn’t matter if we’re single or married or in a relationship, there’s always something to gain from others’ experiences. Thank you for sharing yours. x


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