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My One Minute Mind

My One Minute Mind (3)

Have you ever been tulling along, minding your own p’s and q’s, unsuspecting when BAM!!! something out of the blue catches your eye?

You have to do a double take because you’re not sure you saw what you thought you saw, but sure enough, what you saw, WAS what you thought you saw.

It catches you so unawares that your mind reels from it.

You don’t want to believe your eyes as you tell yourself what you thought you saw couldn’t be, just could not be.

You have to look again, have to, because your mind just cannot fathom the signal your eyes are sending to it.

Just such a thing happened to me as I was going about my normal blogging business.

Now I don’t know about you, but I check all sorts of things when I’m on my WordPress admin page. Little things like number of visitors, views, where in the world my readers are coming from, comments, searches…wait what?!!! Did I see what I think I saw? No! I couldn’t have.

I scroll back to the searches portion of my admin page and that’s where everything came to a screeching halt.

Now, top searches are what folks type into their search engines to find what they’re looking for.

I’m glad when those searches lead the searcher to my blog. I love that I’m actually showing up on search pages. Whoo Hooo! Go Me!!

But today, what I found threw me off completely. I’ve not laughed so hard in several days.

Here is what I glimpsed as I scrolled back up to the ‘top searches’ for my blog today (I copied and pasted it directly from my stats page. If I could figure out screen shots I would have shared that with you but alas, I’ve not mastered that yet)

Top Searches
wifey world february fuck 2016

and that ladies and gentlemen is how someone found my blog today! Muahahahhaahaha!!




11 thoughts on “My One Minute Mind

  1. I love checking my stats too – can’t believe that though!!
    My WISH site often gets found for ‘Emma Watson Nude Pics’ as I wrote a blog about why not to Google them….
    Let’s keep giving people what they least expect!


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