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My One Minute Mind – What?

My One Minute Mind (3)

I thought I’d share a bit of humor with you today.

Let me set this up for you…

I do things a certain way and have set my household up to accommodate those things.

For instance, I have shelves in my kitchen which hold those things I use on a regular basis so I don’t need to waste steps or time digging through cabinets.

It’s much the same in my bedrooms and bathrooms.

Speaking of bathrooms, I have items in place to store extra hygiene items such as toothpaste and soaps.

I do these things so my house is somewhat tidy (notice I said somewhat…tee hee hee)

OK, so now you know a bit about how I run some things.

I made a grocery run on Friday and purchased a large package of toilet paper.

Now, if I were putting this package away I would’ve placed a roll on the holder, 3 three rolls on the little storage for easy access and then would’ve placed the stand-by rolls in the hide-away storage.


I asked my youngest son to put the toilet paper away, which he promptly did (go me…he listened)

Several hours later, my Mr Right went upstairs and the next thing I hear…boisterous laughter.

He giggled the entire time he was up there, like a school girl he giggled.

What in the world?

Then he hollers down to me,

“Have you been upstairs since you got back from the grocery?”

Well of course I hadn’t and told him so.

I then hear him tell my youngest,

“Way to go!! You’ve officially crossed over the line into manhood”


Here, this will explain it much better than I ever could…


YEP! My youngest created the Leaning Tower of Paper instead of putting a few rolls out and placing the remainder in the extra storage out of sight hiding place.

Holy Moly!! Men ARE from Mars!!

And that’s my one minute mind


12 thoughts on “My One Minute Mind – What?

  1. Hilarious! Well at least you won’t be running out anytime soon! How funny 🙂 Thanks for that – was good to laugh out loud at my desk!


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