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Wifey Wednesday – Not Just for Married Folks

Wifey Wednesday

Here we are, another Wifey Wednesday. Time is flying by and I’m not sure how to slow it down. I’m glad you’re here and blessed beyond measure for it.

I’ve been thinking about this series a lot lately. In all honesty, I’ve considered changing the name. Several things have contributed to this line of thought. Then I thought, no, I think I’ll leave it as it is.

Here’s why this thought train has been traveling down these recent tracks.

Over the last few posts I’ve had several comments with regards to singles and how they almost skip reading these Wifey Wednesday posts because they aren’t sure the information applies to them.

Not Just for Married Folks

I just want to say, although this series is called Wifey Wednesday, and yes, there are some topics that are marriage specific, many of the relationship tips that are shared here can be applied to all different types of relationships.

I know personally, I apply many of the techniques to my relationships with my children, my coworkers, my friends and even strangers.

I hope those of you who are not in a marital relationship will continue to click through and read these posts.

It is my hope there will always be a take away for my readers whether they are in a committed relationship or  not.

See you next week!


9 thoughts on “Wifey Wednesday – Not Just for Married Folks

  1. I enjoy your Wifey Wednesday posts Robyn. I think people will read what draws them in, regardless of the title. You can be single and enjoy peeking into the life of someone who isn’t, but has great insights!


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