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Getting to Know You – changes alert

Changes will commence from this point forward on my Getting to Know You feature.

It was brought to my attention today that unknowingly I may be potentially putting my blog and other blogs at risk by the way I’ve been doing my features.

From this day forward, features will no longer contain a complete post from my featured authors but will only use snippets with a ‘continue reading’ link so my readers can visit the featured authors blog posts.

I appreciate your willingness to be featured here and would never want to place any blog in harms way.

A big shout out to Amanda Donnely and Wendy Tomlinson for bringing this to my attention before something horrible befell my blog and the blogs of those I feature!

See you next week!


5 thoughts on “Getting to Know You – changes alert

    1. Well, in a way I did have permission as it was clearly stated in the “rules” that I would be sharing a post of the featured author. However I was not aware that by doing the full post I could potentially be taking away stats from the owners. Better safe then sorry I say.


  1. You’re welcome for the small part I played Robyn. I think you’re doing such a lovely thing here on your blog, when Amanda mentioned it could cause problems I thought it best to pass it on. xx


    1. I’m so glad you did Wendy. My goal is to bring others together and if I’m taking risks I’m unaware if then I can’t do that. Love that you’re part of my blogging family. For me this is what it’s all about.q


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